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On the topic of why people get divorced, you can argue for a long time. To understand that it is time to break up, sometimes it takes years, and sometimes only a few weeks or even days are enough. Understanding why you need to get a divorce is easier than figuring out that you should still wait or even forget to even think about a divorce. Today we’ll talk about the signs that indicate that the time has NOT come to burn bridges and that relationships can and should be preserved. Let some of these signs seem naive, but when it comes to human relationships, then every, even banal, little thing is important.

You shouldn’t get divorced if:

1 You still want to ask him for advice, share your problems with him, as well as hear about his troubles and joys.
2 Although your couple has been together for a long time, he still does not forget about your holidays. And let him not give chic gifts – the main thing is that he remembers and congratulates.
3 You still have common topics for conversation, you simply have something to talk about. And since you are talking, it means that it is interesting to conduct a conversation – otherwise you would just be silent.
4 He makes sure that your sexual needs and female desires are satisfied. He cares about what you experience in pastels with him.
5 Of course, he likes to be in the company of friends, but he makes sure that you are not bored either. He’s still rushing home…
6 Housework still worries him. He helps to clean, cook, wash. He does not "poke" women’s duties and is always happy to help do homework.
7 He respects your family. Family events are still sacred – he does not miss them.
8 If you bring up the topic: why people get divorced, he agrees that, like a real man, he is responsible for your relationship.
9 You don’t hear empty promises. What he said, he did.
10 He does not spare money on you. You do not notice that he is greedy about your home or your vacation.
11 You have retained trust in each other. You don’t check each other’s pockets, phones, and random lateness from work. You don’t account for each other and humiliate each other with excuses.
12 You are still talking about the future, making plans, dreaming of beautiful changes.
13 You look at life almost the same way, you want the same thing from it.
14 He does not find fault with you, does not reproach you for unprepared food, treating with understanding your fatigue or busyness.
15 If you get sick, he sincerely cares about you and even goes to the pharmacy in the middle of the night. And in the morning he brings tea with raspberries in pastel …

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