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Anal sex for the first time: how to make the process comfortable and enjoyable


Anal sex has long been considered "dirty" and banned by most of the world’s religions. In some countries, the act of sodomy provides not only administrative and criminal liability, but even the death penalty. Despite the unnaturalness of this process, men dream of entering from the “back door". Many heterosexual couples successfully introduce anal intercourse into their sexual practice and experience unparalleled pleasure because it adds spice, poignancy and novelty.

the Forbidden fruit is sweet

Anal sex for the first time is a very crucial moment for both a woman and a man. If a couple decides to have anal sex, a positive emotional attitude and special preparation are required so that the process is safe, comfortable, painless and gives pleasure to both partners.

The first important point is mutual agreement and complete trust.

If a woman experiences fear and disgust at the mere thought of anal sex, then she should not take this step only to please her partner.

The second rule is hygiene. In addition to strict personal hygiene, for the safety of both partners, it is imperative to use a condom, even if you completely trust each other. The microflora of the anus and the organs of the genitourinary system are different, so direct contact is absolutely unacceptable. After anal penetration, you should change the condom if you plan to have classic vaginal sex later.

The third rule is to stock up on plenty of lubricant. During vaginal sex, natural natural lubrication is released, but during anal sex there is no such “bonus”. Saliva dries out quickly, so it’s best to get lube from a sex supply store or pharmacy. Prefer water-based lubricants – they prevent the destruction of latex.

Consequences of anal sex

It should be remembered that anal sex increases the risk of infections and serious sexually transmitted diseases. Similar problems after anal sex arise if the couple neglects the rules of personal hygiene and safety.

With the loss of control on the part of a man, a woman can receive various injuries of the anus – from minor to significant: anal fissures and tears, weakness of the sphincter, hemorrhoids.

Moscow was not built right away, or how to have anal sex painlessly

No matter how passionate and liberated the couple may be, one should remember that one must act gradually. Start with foreplay: a man should make every effort to relax his partner. Do not neglect oral caresses, stimulation of the anus of your lady with the tongue and lips.

It is best to start the first penetration with the little finger, then with the index finger: move gradually and gently. You can use various toys from an intimate goods store that are designed for anal sex. There are a great many gadgets for adults: anal simulators and dilators, plugs, beads, balls, chains, Christmas trees, dildos and dildos, vibrating massagers and vibrators.

When introducing a member, you should be most careful: do not make sudden movements and do not try to enter it completely, act gradually and carefully.

With discomfort or sharp pain, you should stop penetration and repeat the foreplay to calm and relax the woman. Remember that the pleasure in anal sex is not in sharp progressive movements, but in the feeling of fullness.

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