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The love triangle is one of the most difficult life situations that any of us can get into. No one, even the most experienced psychologist, is able to predict how events will develop. Why do love triangles arise, what are those who are no longer satisfied with “their corner" looking for, and under what condition does the family not suffer in this situation? Looking for answers.

What is a love triangle

Any person, regardless of his marital status, is still within the family, which are people close and significant to him. Such a group of significant people among whom we feel comfortable is called a reference group. Reference people for us are wives or husbands, friends and acquaintances with whom it is good, easy and pleasant for us to live. One of the reasons for creating a love triangle is the desire to expand the group of reference people. And not because in relations with loved ones something has ceased to suit. But because there was a need for a new significant person. Someone lacks respect and admiring glances, someone lacks sex, someone needs heart-to-heart conversations. Thus, a “third corner” appears that satisfies these needs.

Family and love triangle

The family does not always suffer because of this, especially if the love triangle was created according to the principle of addition: one woman runs the house, helps in business (elder wife), and on the other, enchanting sex that gives inspiration. In this case, you will not envy women, because in the reference group there are no two equally close people. Someone is always at least half a step, but ahead. And everyone feels it.

A family in a situation of a love triangle does not suffer under the only condition: if the wife does not know about the existence of a rival. Otherwise, even declaring: “I don’t care about his women, if only he brings money,” the woman is cunning, trying to deceive herself. This is either bravado or unwillingness to face reality, because the principle of being chosen has been violated – the wife suffers and worries, unable to understand why her husband needs someone else besides her. These painful experiences that have a detrimental effect on the psyche.

Reasons for the love triangle

Also among the reasons for the appearance of the "third corner" is the need of a man to lighten the soul. Representatives of the stronger sex do not favor psychologists and psychotherapists, considering the appeal to the healer of the soul nothing more than a weakness. And the load, which does not allow you to live in peace, does not disappear anywhere. So a woman appears in his life, to whom you can pour out your soul, while the lady herself can have many problems, the situation turns out: it’s bad at home, and with the “psychotherapist” too, thank God.

However, if the mistress understands what role she is destined for, then this relationship can last for many years. 
A common case is the appearance of a young beautiful mistress in an adult man who has taken place. It’s about sex, people will say. But not only. A man who has achieved success by the age of 40-50, who has taken a worthy position in society, is looking for confirmation that he did not plow in vain, that he was doing well – he needs a reward. And what is most desirable for a man? A young beautiful woman who is much more valuable than all his material successes put together. He needs recognition of his own toughness, which he sees in the eyes of an admiring girl.

It also happens that a man meets a woman who is kindred to him in spirit, with whom he is on the same wavelength. She may be older than him, but it does not matter, because he found the one with which the souls sound in unison. Such relationships can last for decades, even if both have families. 

If a man married his mistress, it means that he became very ill in the family. If nothing has happened for three years, and he only promises to leave his wife, then most likely nothing will happen. 

Couples who have escaped this painful fate are distinguished by the fact that the man and woman – participants in the relationship – accept each other with all the shortcomings, without trying to improve and re-educate. Such unions are extremely harmonious. This is the main key to a happy family life. Take it, use it.

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