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Modern society is thousands of single women who go to the most unexpected deeds in order to attract the attention of men. As a result, marriage does not bring happiness to either the lady or her chosen one. Even more often, all attempts to get married end in a fiasco. What kind of a good wife is she that men are looking for? What qualities does the stronger sex want to see in a woman to build harmonious relationships in the family? We have tried to answer these questions. 

Of course, a woman should be caring, faithful, humble, calm, benevolent, beautiful and communicate affectionately. This is its nature, which we often do not hear, being in a frantic pace of life. It is very important to develop feminine qualities in yourself, to learn how to build family relationships. To learn what we were not taught at school, at the institute, but what we really need for life. Then, having heard from the handsome man “I am looking for a good wife", all friends will recommend you exclusively to the gentleman. In the meantime, arm yourself with useful information. 

So, let’s move on to tips on how to be a good wife:


1 Chastity. A woman should be restrained, not cheeky. She should not desire any other man than her husband, even in her mind. She needs to learn to be satisfied with what her family has. Then the husband becomes more responsible and begins to take care of her. If you have just started a relationship with a man, but are already dreaming of something else, perhaps the relationship should be completed? After all, if it was YOUR man, all thoughts would be occupied only by him. You should not start a relationship for show, for girlfriends, neighbors who believe that you "stayed up in the girls." But, and after they have begun, completely devote yourself to only one man. 

2 Serving the husband and knowing how to cook. Food is a very important tool in the hands of a woman. No wonder the proverb says that "men love with their stomach." It is enough for a wife to cook for her husband with love, so that he moves up the career ladder. So that he hurries home after work, knowing that a fresh and tasty dinner is waiting for him there.

3 Be submissive to your husband. Obedience is the weapon of a wise woman; obedience achieves power. A woman must learn to give in, to be soft, but in no case lose her sense of self-respect. Humility reveals the true beauty of a woman.

4 Good wishes to relatives and friends of the husband. A woman is a communicator from birth, it is easy for her to establish and maintain relationships with everyone. It is very favorable to build friendly relations with everyone around, then there will be peace in the family.

5 Following the same principles, goals as the husband. No wonder they say that a wife follows her husband, and she marries her husband. A common goal in family life makes us happy.


A woman should work all her life on family relationships, on creating a favorable atmosphere at home and in the family. And for this she is rewarded with the acquisition of graceful beauty, the dishes that she prepares become very tasty and good luck will certainly visit her house.

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