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Erotic massage is designed to diversify the intimate life of a couple, to revive the brightness of emotions and sensations, which, unfortunately, weaken under the influence of everyday life and everyday worries. It will be useful for every woman to diversify her skills necessary for love affairs – improving the quality of intimate life will positively affect relationships in general.

Erotic massage

Erotic massage is often used as a prelude, but few people know what exactly needs to be done in order to achieve relaxation and arousal of a man. The correct execution of erotic massage requires constant practice, against which a man is unlikely to object. Even if for the first time not everything goes smoothly, you don’t need to get upset – variety is only good, and the number of sessions held over time will definitely give quality.

Making erotic massage

Relaxation is a prerequisite. To do this, you can make a young man a warm bath, in the process of taking which you will also take part.

Rub your man’s back, help him wash his hair – gentle touches will have a beneficial effect on the state of your beloved, relaxing him after a hard day’s work.

Erotic massage is best done in beautiful underwear, a transparent peignoir is also suitable, under which there will be no panties.

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After the bath, you need to immediately move to the bedroom, the temperature in which should be pleasant to the body – heat and cold will beat off the desire for an interesting continuation. Light is also important – the best option would be unusual candles placed around the perimeter of the bedroom or standing in unusual candlesticks on a table. Music is a desirable condition – something slow, unobtrusive.

It is better to pour massage oil on your hands, and only then touch them to the body of a man.

We start erotic massage

Start erotic massage from the back. The man lies on his stomach, arms extended along the body, while you sit on top of him. With light stroking movements, massage his back, starting from the shoulders and gently moving down. Barely touching, run your fingertips along the spine. Smoothly and gently stroke the lumbar region, the inside of the arms and neck. It must be remembered that massage is erotic, not therapeutic, so strong deep movements are canceled – only tenderness, only smoothness.

Main action

Let the young man roll over on his back – in this position, the main part of the erotic massage will pass. Your movements remain light. Actually, not only your hands can take part in the massage, but also hair (which many men like), breathing, and the whole body.

Sit on the young man astride. Start the massage from the feet. Well, if you can reach your toes, massage the spaces between them. Then move up, paying special attention to the inner surface of the thighs – there is very delicate skin. Smoothly move on to massage the abdomen and chest, the most sensitive places in most men are the area from the navel to the groin and nipples.

Erotic massage is a game that precedes the main pleasure and prepares for it, and therefore it is impossible to touch the genitals – otherwise the game will turn into a banal masturbation.

By the way, erotic massage provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the most sensitive places on the body of a loved one, to which you need to periodically return, as if by chance. As soon as the man is very aroused, give him a little break, returning to the foot massage. An important condition is that during the massage a man should not touch you with his hands – this will increase his passion.


If you did everything right (the man got excited and barely restrained himself so as not to pounce on you), give him the initiative – luxurious sex awaits you, for which it all started.

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