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In the modern world, it will not surprise anyone that a woman earns more than a man.

In the modern world, it has long become commonplace that many women began to earn more than men. What problems can arise in a couple – a weak man, a strong woman?

At first, a woman, as a rule, holds out her hand to a man, letting him live on everything ready. This does not last so long and if a man does not strive to become a leader again, his actions cause a flurry of negative emotions. A period of rivalry between a woman and such a man begins. Reproaches fall on him, the woman emphasizes who has done more, who is more tired. At one moment, a man may be on the street with a suitcase of his things, and after a while the woman’s mood may change, and she will call him to return. But not all men are ready for such tests.

female leader

A woman begins to build a man if she is stronger than him. Not everyone is happy with it. There are male warriors, there are so-called. men are "narcissists", for whom it is simply agony to hear a woman say that she does something better than them. As a rule, strong men do not stop there and always strive to maintain leadership in relationships, even if a woman is ahead of them in earnings. If this happens, then the female leader must forget that she is the boss before she returns home (if she wants to maintain harmony in her family).

Otherwise, it may turn out like in the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", where the heroine raised her voice to the man and he immediately laid siege to her: “If you ever allow yourself to speak to me in such a tone, then I am here more I won’t show up."

Do not think that today’s distribution of roles can only bring harm. Look at the benefits of your position. If earlier a woman, like an unadapted doll, sat at home, today she has become independent. She is often busy with what she loves, she develops and does not stop there, she herself can earn money and easily performs male functions.

And vice versa. If a man used to say: “It’s not a man’s business – the kitchen”, etc., then in our time, if a woman is busy, he can easily cook dinner, feed the children, clean the house …

Advantages and disadvantages

The pros and cons of this situation appear / disappear as you look at the current situation, for what and from what angle. If you are not indifferent to the simple joys of life – home comfort, the joyful laughter of children and a loving husband who devotes all his free time to his family, then maybe you should not show that you can earn more than him? After all, not everything in the world is measured by money. Some things are priceless.

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