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Childbirth is an intimate process. But, unfortunately, too often during the birth of a baby, people who are far from the woman’s relatives are present in the birthplace. Midwife, nurse, anesthesiologist, gynecologist, and sometimes a group of interns who study or just stare. As a result, the miracle of birth turns into a difficult physiological process. 

Many women have long understood that it is best to hold on during childbirth not to the cold handle of the bed, but to the warm hand of her husband. But men are afraid to see something superfluous and are trying in every possible way to refuse joint childbirth. They believe that childbirth is a “problem" for a woman. Whereas in fact, the lady at this moment needs care and support, more than ever. How to persuade a loved one to be near at an important moment in life?

Childbirth with husband: 9 months of wisdom 

Having informed a man about pregnancy, a woman should test the soil and find out about his attitude towards joint childbirth. Hearing a categorical male “no” or “never in the world”, you should not panic. After all, you have nine more months to use your wisdom and hear "yes, dear, I’m going to the hospital with you." 

1 It’s hard for a man to believe that you are pregnant.Women are tormented in the morning by toxicosis, the shape of the breast changes, and taste preferences. But the man continues to see his lady the same as a few months ago. In order for the husband to quickly recognize himself as a father, take him with you to the gynecologist and for ultrasound. Many fathers get quite sentimental when they see a dot on the screen that is half of themselves. For them, this is a real miracle. Of course, many men will not feel anything during trips with their wife to the doctors. But in this way you will gradually begin to open your husband’s eyes to the fact that the bureaucratic circles of hell are now your common problem. In the future, you will have to stand in queues at the polyclinic more than once for help for the baby in the garden. Remember that you need to “lure” your husband with you to the hospital, and not force him with threats. Say that you need his help, support. Tell me about how forgetful you have become. You can even tell a story about being afraid of getting lost. You should be weak, and the man should feel that only he can protect you. 

2 Literature and video. Husband came home from work and plays a game on his phone? Approach him and enthusiastically tell him that today you have learned something amazing and exciting. Then share an article about childbirth. You can also do another trick. Snuggle up to your beloved in pastels in the evening and whisper that you are terribly afraid. After all, they saw the news about how the children were mixed up in the maternity hospital. Watch educational videos to prepare for childbirth, read books, tell examples from the lives of friends. Your task is to stuff the husband’s brain with information about childbirth so that at a critical moment his subconscious mind finds answers to the questions “What to do ???”. 


3 Pity, but not strength. In nine months, you will feel like your hormones are going crazy more than once. At the same time, you should not take it out on your husband, shout that he is a beast that does not understand you, and you hate him. But to cry and say that you feel very bad, you are weak and defenseless, and only he – your king and prince can save you, you can. Remember, you can only persuade your husband by getting interested or making you feel that you need protection. 

4 Courses for pregnant women. Your tummy will grow, and at one point you will realize that it’s time to take courses. You need to go to them with your husband. Many courses teach what a husband should do during childbirth. Even if your loved one is still against it, say that you are not going to take him to the hospital with you. But you want him to take part in the training along with other couples. After all, it will be embarrassing for you to sit on the courses alone, while other husbands help their wives. In many lessons, professional psychologists convince skeptical men to all agree to joint births.

5 We are going to the hospital. The husband should help you pack things for the hospital. Ask him to give you baby clothes, iron a suit, buy diapers. Soon the man will become a dad, and if he has not realized this yet, try to catch up. 

6.Intimacy Often men do not want to go to childbirth with their wife, because they are afraid that after that they will lose their sexual attraction to their wife. Explain that labor is 10 hours of labor and 15 minutes of labor. At the same time, even during the last minutes, a loved one can stand at the head of his wife. Or just go out into the corridor. 


For many couples, the process of childbirth is very close. Some couples, on the contrary, move away from each other. But still, most spouses feel that they have become spiritually close and have become a real family. A dad who cuts the umbilical cord gets closer to his baby. Sometimes a woman needs medical care after childbirth, and the newborn lies on the father’s chest for this time. In Europe, childbirth with a husband is a common procedure. But in our country, unfortunately, it is not always easy to persuade a man to be around. We wish you wisdom in your efforts and easy childbirth!

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