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The attitude of parents to a lover is important for almost every girl. And this is quite natural, because being in love with your young man, you would like everyone around to perceive him exclusively positively. Therefore, having taken this responsible step – having introduced your boyfriend to your parents – you hope that they will be happy for you, but … it wasn’t there. Not so rarely, such an acquaintance can have a negative result – mom and dad are against your choice, saying that your loved one is not a couple. What is the reason for the antipathy that you do not understand and is it possible to correct the situation?

Parents don’t like boy

In fact, the daughter’s boyfriend may not like the parents for a variety of reasons:

In the list of popular reasons for rejecting a guy by a girl’s family, the options for the argument “He is not worthy of you" occupy the first place. A guy can be “not a couple” because of a turbulent past, not a prestigious profession, lack of university education, etc. Perhaps your father and mother really want you to be happy and would dream of seeing a kind of “prince” next to you – rich, smart and dust particles blowing off you, but, as you know, there are not enough of these for everyone. So if you truly love your boyfriend and see the groundlessness of parental claims, just tell mom and dad that you respect their opinion, but you have the right to privacy, and then set out clear arguments in defense of your relationship. This will help muffle open rejection.

Your parents do not like your man for no particular reason – it happens like that. Mom is annoyed by almost everything about him – from the way he handles cutlery to his walk. Usually only one of the parents is imbued with such antipathy, the 2nd simply silently agrees with him. Perhaps it’s all about parental jealousy. They think you’re too young to be in a serious relationship.

You will remain a “little girl” for them for the rest of your life, therefore their dissatisfaction will be justified only if you have not reached the age of majority, and as a boyfriend you have chosen a guy 10 years older who “only thinks about seducing his daughter.”

Or perhaps your parents are simply unhappy with the change in your lifestyle – late appearances at home, unnecessary financial expenses, lack of attention, love and support from you. In this case, the “culprit” of your alienation from the family becomes, of course, the man who happened to be next to you. What to do in such a situation? Remember that your parents love you and need your attention. Even if your lover takes up a lot of free time, remember to call them often and skip Saturday family dinners less often.

Parents can also dislike their daughter’s boyfriend for quite objective reasons. For example, he does not work anywhere, sitting on the neck of his parents, often drinks, disappears somewhere with friends, behaves rudely with you, you constantly quarrel … Since parents have much more life experience, they can see in your lover something that what you do not notice or refuse to accept. Perhaps you like his appearance and you are interested in communicating with him, but you still don’t think about the character traits and material aspects necessary to build a happy family. Mom, on the other hand, looks at your chosen one without “rose-colored glasses” and rightly refuses to accept a man who offends you, even in small things, shows complete infantility or openly demonstrates his vices, coupled with bad habits.

If you doubt whether your parents are right, and yet you don’t want to break off your relationship with a young man, try to visit your mom and dad less often with him, and not complain to the latter about his misdeeds, making you worry about you. Soon you yourself will understand if your parents were right.

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