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The best gift for a champion: must-haves from Gillette


The holidays are approaching, very soon the question will arise again: what to give for the New Year? Don’t wait until the last minute to buy gifts: Gillette has everything ready for you!

The desire to be the first, to overcome obstacles and win is inherent in every man. Strength, endurance, inner core and absolute self-confidence make him a champion. He does not stop there, goes to new heights and takes care of his loved ones, because for them he is a real hero – the strongest, most courageous, most beautiful. He deserves the best present. Please your hero – give him Gillette!

You no longer need to puzzle over how else to surprise your loved one, father, brother or colleague. As the world leader in shaving innovation, Gillette offers worthy gifts for your champions – exclusive sets with legendary Gillette bestsellers, among which there is something for everyone.

Gillette knows a lot about trends: a good razor with a trimmer is on the wishlist of almost every man. Even a simple "duty" set will sparkle with new colors when you add a premium razor to it, for example, the Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill in a limited gift series with a chrome handle.

The Gillette Fusion5 family of shavers features a precision trimmer for hard-to-reach areas and grooming mustaches and beards, located on the back of the cassette. Gillette’s unique Flexball technology shaves virtually every hair for perfect contour following. Five of the thinnest blades with improved edges, anti-friction coating and progressive geometry cut hair effortlessly and evenly distribute the load from the hand down the machine to each blade. Thanks to the lubricating strips located before and after the blades, the razor protects the skin from irritation during shaving. Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill precisely follows the contours of the face, delicately processing even the most difficult areas. Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill provides a close and comfortable shave and helps to define tank lines,

Gillette helps men look 100% to fill every day with victories and feel like champions.

The cost of the set: from 3329 to 3494 rubles.

Don’t know what to choose? Contact us, we will help!




About the Gillette brand

"We will stop making razors when we realize we can’t make them any better."
King Camp Gillette

Our philosophy of striving for excellence dates back to the founding of the company by King C. Gillette. For over 115 years, his vision has inspired us to innovate to give you the best shave in the world. And we don’t plan to stop. Gillette delivers ultra-precise technology and flawless products that make life easier for more than 800 million men around the world. Gillette offers a wide range of products including razors, shaving products (gels, foams and creams), skin care products, aftershave lotions, antiperspirants, deodorants and shower gels.


About P&G

Worldwide, P&G serves consumers with one of the strongest portfolios of quality and trusted brands such as Always®, Ariel®, Gillette®, Head & Shoulders®, Lenor®, Olay®, Oral-B®, Pampers®, Pantene®, Tide®, Vicks®. P&G operates in 70 countries around the world.


What if the purpose of the relationship is something unconditional for which both the man and the woman could take responsibility? What if this is… the practice of love? Love is what is within us; something for which we are responsible in both good and bad times. Love allows us to focus on our own efforts and responsibilities, as well as to notice the advantages of our partner. Too many people focus on taking something from the relationship. But, for a harmonious relationship, you need to give, take responsibility for your happiness, and then “invest" it in others.

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