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10 best gifts for March 8

Have you decided what you will give on March 8? We bring to your attention the TOP 10 favorite women’s gifts that will come in handy by the eighth day of spring. Read and choose your option, or maybe several at once.


Jewelry is given to queens – absolutely all women are flattered when they are presented with masterpieces of jewelry art as a gift. Pendants, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces – everyone will find exactly what his Queen needs. The main thing is to know exactly the tastes of your lady, otherwise the joy of the gift will be blurred. 


For women, aesthetics are very important. Beauty must be in everything. Even if no one sees her. We are talking about beautiful underwear or, as it is now called, lingerie. Yes, they will not see it, but they will feel it. Because a woman who puts on a luxurious set feels expensive, and this instantly affects her behavior, forcing others to perceive her as such.

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So, having decided to give your beloved beautiful underwear, go hiking in special boutiques – in no case to the market. After all, we will immediately distinguish a quality item from, although beautiful, but cheap, which has not been tested in the laboratory, which is a mandatory item for branded underwear.


If your chosen one understands technical innovations and every time she dreams of acquiring a newly released device, then she will surely be delighted to receive it as a gift. Smartphones, laptops, iPhones, iPods – find out what kind of technical miracle your girlfriend dreams of, and make her happy! By the way, manufacturers produce “feminine" models of this or that gadget – the girls appreciated this move, which is designed to emphasize that this beautiful lady is the mistress of the device. 


Anyone who believes in the "unhappiness" of this gift, we recommend that you skip this paragraph. Because if you believe, you will definitely receive it. For those who believe only in their own signs and ignore the statements about the doubtfulness of this item as a gift, we recommend that you take a closer look at the elegant watch, which is a completely self-sufficient accessory.

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If the one to whom you want to give them is also not a victim of common stereotypes, then go shopping!

A bag 

Bags-legends belong to the category of the most desirable gifts that women dream of. The main rule: you need to buy a “legend” only in a trusted place, do not humiliate either your lady or yourself by buying a fake, even if the fake looks like the original and costs not like a fake, but still cheaper than the original. You will not be forgiven for this. 


In this case, the main thing is knowing the preferences and character of the woman you love. If she has been faithful to the same fragrance for many years, then this makes the choice easier, but if the girl is a perfume man who buys novelties on the perfume market, then just pay attention to what smells she prefers – fresh, sweet, tart? This will help you choose a fragrance that will surely please her. 

Set of dishes 

The main thing here is that the gift should not be ordinary – a tea set will not work. It is better to give your beloved a set of crystal glasses of some well-known brand, famous for its products. You can give an original vase or bowl. Lalique, Swarovski, DaVinci Crystal – these brands represent worthy products.


Women who appreciate coziness and comfort will surely be delighted with a beautiful high-quality set of bed linen, you can also give, for example, a mink blanket, an original pillow. What matters is design and quality.

Elite alcohol 

This present can serve as an addition to the main gift, or be it – if we are talking, for example, about the boss. It is very important to know the tastes of a person – a connoisseur of unfeminine fortress is unlikely to be delighted with a soft cream liqueur with a creamy aftertaste, although it will not show true emotions.

So first – to explore!

Stationery set 

If your beloved girl strives for independence and independence, wanting to establish herself in the status of a business woman, then you can support her aspirations by choosing an elegant set of stationery for a gift, or not necessarily a set – a luxurious Parker, who is good at signing multimillion-dollar contracts, will flatter the baby’s pride and serve proof that you are serious about her case. 

Choose, try on the proposed options to the character of your beloved and be sure that your efforts will be appreciated.

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