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Pattinson, Radcliffe and other actors who are enraged by their own roles


Who changes the channel when they see their own movie

We can adore one of the actors in one of the roles, hang posters with the character in the house and watch the movie every weekend. At the same time, the actors themselves often hate their roles, which brought them incredible success. We’ll talk about those who change the channel when they see themselves on the screen.

Robert Pattison

Pattinson’s name thundered in 2008, when the first part of the cult saga "Twilight" was released. Robert and Kristen became the main actors of that year, young girls simply dreamed of meeting a handsome man from a popular film, and at that moment the actor even liked it. However, after some time, Robert began to be bothered that people did not talk about his other roles, invariably remembering his Edward Cullen. The actor tried his best to find a role that could distract the audience from his vampire hero, and by the way, he succeeded. Today, the actor has dozens of notable roles, and most no longer associate Pattinson with Edward, which the artist is immensely happy about.

Daniel Radcliffe

The role that brought Daniel worldwide fame is not so pleasing to the actor right now. The artist often admits that he does not like all parts of Harry Potter. For example, one of the latest films about the wizard boy Radcliffe, one might say, despises. The actor himself says that in some episodes he is too monotonous and boring on the screen, he did not manage to play the way he would have liked. At the same time, Radcliffe also has his own preferences – the fifth part of "Harry Potter" is the actor’s favorite film with his participation. Daniel has repeatedly noted that it is in him that he sees his progress as an actor.

Pattinson, Radcliffe and other actors who are enraged by their own roles

Halle Berry

Many people know Holly precisely for the role of Catwoman, but the actress herself is not too happy that she agreed to act in general. The actress stated that her costume was too funny and caricatured, although Michelle Pfeiffer really did. Over time, the artist’s dislike for her character intensified, and critics are in solidarity with her, presenting the actress with the Golden Raspberry Award for this role.

Pattinson, Radcliffe and other actors who are enraged by their own roles

Kate Winslet

The cult picture "Titanic" has long been included in the golden fund of cinema. At the same time, the lead actress Kate Winslet does not believe that her role in this film is something special. The actress is outraged by her own game in the picture. Rewatching the movie years later, Winslet gets frustrated every time, asking herself the question – why does she behave this way or that way in a certain frame? But here critics do not agree with her, considering this role one of the best in the artist’s career.

Pattinson, Radcliffe and other actors who are enraged by their own roles

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