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A reliable and strong marriage union is difficult to explain from a scientific point of view. Its main component is considered to be a happy relationship, which is based on falling in love and a certain "chemistry" between a man and a woman. These elements are quite illusory and ephemeral.

 But now scientists and experts have selected 5 key principles, guided by which you will save your marriage and live a long and happy family life.
 Earn and Spend Equally A
 university study of more than a thousand married and single couples found that the most successful unions formed among those people who had approximately the same financial resources.
At the same time, different habits of partners in the field of financial expenses and attitudes towards money issues often lead to various conflicts and disagreements, which leads to a large number of divorces. Economic problems also often become a prerequisite for dissatisfaction with the union.
 More sex = less stress
When in a couple one of the partners has obvious features of a neurotic disorder, then frequent lovemaking becomes an important factor in such relationships. Sexologists conducted a study that showed that frequent sex helps to maintain a happy marriage, in which one of the partners has a short temper.
 By the way, this principle also applies to couples in which there are no irritable personalities.
In addition, with age, sexual relations actually only get better. Representatives of the stronger sex, who are already over 50, recognize that in sex they feel much sexier and happier than in their youth.
 Instead of "I" and "YOU" use the word "WE" more often
Scientists from the USA have revealed that the more often partners say words of gratitude to each other, the 5 PRINCIPLES FOR A HAPPY MARRIAGEstronger and happier their relationship becomes. However, most people do not do this, being convinced that their soulmate already knows about their gratitude.
With the same success, for strong and long love relationships, the elementary word “we" is used instead of “you” and “I”. Especially if it is used in acute conflict situations. According to experts, using the word "we" you kind of unite yourself and your soulmate into a single whole. This allows you to quickly get out of the conflict situation and come to a common denominator in your disagreements.
 Relationship craziness is the norm!
In the case when you bring each other to madness – do not worry. Research has shown that every marriage has its downsides. Very often, family relationships deteriorate due to the fact that partners are trying to change each other for the better (as they think) side. This leads to constant petty quarrels, which eventually accumulate into resentment, which in turn leads to the collapse of your relationship. The only way out in this situation is to accept each other, like you, to eat and not try to adjust the partner for yourself.
 A happy marriage requires constant work on yourself!
Psychologists conducted a study involving more than 5,000 people who had a variety of relationship experiences. It turned out that the love of married couples who have lived together for a long time lies in mutual respect and devotion to each other. At the same time, the love of short-term partners is based on passion and physical attraction.
These same studies have revealed that a long and happy marriage is achieved through the constant work of partners in this marriage. And this is continuous communication with your soulmate, the ability to find common ground in conflict situations, as well as the ability to restrain your emotions at the right time.
I hope this article will be useful for you, and your marriage will definitely be happy.

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