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Financial success Katy Perry


In 2014, Katy Perry took the lead in the list of the highest paid female singers in the world. Her fee from 2014–2015 amounted to about 135 million dollars. And this despite the fact that the sale of albums was reduced by three times. The singer deserved such an impressive financial success solely by her hard work. Over the past year, she gave 124 concerts, of which 75 took place outside the United States. Katy successfully brings her hits to the forefront, shoots stunning videos, sells paraphernalia and regularly tours, but this is now … and before …

Katy Perry was born Katy Hudson in Santa Barbara. Her parents were very pious and instilled in the girl love for the Almighty. The family moved frequently and was so poor that sometimes they had to simply survive on the money received from charity. Katy has managed to create a breathtaking career. Now her parents are not particularly enthusiastic about her image and songs, but, despite their religious views, they still support the singer.

On the way to the heights of glory

Katie was very talented. Passion for singing came at the age of 9. After another 4 years, the girl learned to masterfully play the guitar. And very soon the girl not only sang, but also wrote her songs, with which she performed at fairs, earning $ 20 with her voice. The talent of the future star was appreciated and noticed by one parishioner and introduced her to a Christian music label from Nashville. In 2001, Kathy debuted her first album, which included Christian rock ballads. But this project soon exhausted itself and closed, taking religious music with it from the life of the singer.

In 2003, Cathy was able to personally meet Glen Ballard, the producer who discovered Alanis Morissette and worked with Michael Jackson. According to the singer herself, the producer was amazed by her talent and said that he had been looking for someone like her since the ascent of Alanis. From that moment on, Katy moved to Los Angeles, receiving a $ 1,000 monthly stipend from the producer and cooperation in a small label. The collaboration began to bear fruit in the form of new songs and the first tour of Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong, where Katy performed in clubs and fashion shows.

Upon her return to Los Angeles, the newly-minted singer began performing in clubs like the Hotel Cafe, where she improved her vocals and additionally worked in a thrift store selling clothes there. At one of the performances, Cathy was noticed by Cobb, and, without thinking twice, he entered into a management agreement. According to Kirkup, Kathy drove everyone crazy as soon as she stepped through the door—in a good way, of course.

But, despite all this, the singer did not manage to start her career up. All her earnings were enough for her to make ends meet. It even got to the point that she owed the banks, and they took her car to pay off the debt on the loan, and the managers even borrowed money for rented apartments.

Financial success Katy Perry

In 2009, Katy was lucky, and she was able to sign to Capitol Records. The singer had financial problems, very little experience, but despite this, she made a worthy deal. With the support of her managers, the artist was able to take complete control of the music deal: she had complete control over the profits from the sale of concert paraphernalia, and all her concert plans. Also, the artist acted very wisely, refusing the six-figure advance offered to her, but in return for this she received the right to a share of the albums sold.

Development of concert activity

It was a very far-sighted move, and as soon as the single I Kissed a Girl was released in 2009, all the steps taken worked. After that, 10 more singles were released. 2010 was marked by the release of Teenage Dream, which not only sold six million copies, but also contained five songs that reached the first steps of the charts.

At the same time, the concert activity of the artist began to develop. In Los Angeles, she held the first tour, which started at the Nokia Theater, and then continued in Europe, Australia and ended in Los Angeles. 2010 was also fruitful for the actress. She made and released a film about the past tour, Part of Me, which grossed three times the amount it spent through rentals and regular live broadcasts.

financial well-being

Cathy’s financial well-being quickly went uphill. She almost instantly became a favorite with advertisers who, without even thinking, were ready to shell out a seven-figure sum for cooperation with her. The actress has numerous contracts with manufacturers of her favorite brands, such as Covergirl, Adidas, Proactiv. Also, Katy decided to collaborate with the perfume company Coty, together with which three fragrances Royal Revolution, Killer, Queen Mad Potion saw the light. The latter will hit the shelves at the end of 2015. Another line of income for the artist is the conclusion of "exchange" contracts, under which she participates in advertising. For this, the star has a stake in the capital of the company. For example, Cathy is now the co-owner of Popchips, a snack maker.

Financial success Katy Perry

Kathy is clearly a forward-thinking person. All her works and ideas are brought to life. Especially concerts. So, November 2014 brought the star 40 million dollars for 23 shows held in Australia, and later she visited China, where she debuted with a sensation with her five performances.

Despite the fact that the singer’s educational period ended at the age of 15, she constantly replenishes her knowledge. Every time she visits a particular country, city, Katy is always engaged in cultural education, for example, she visits the Colosseum, masterpieces of the Renaissance, the British Museum. The innate mind and low level of education in no way prevents the singer from attending all business negotiations and solving business issues herself, which many stars tend to shift to their delegates.

Financial success Katy Perry

New star in the sky

On February 1, 2015, at the University of Phoenix Stadium, where the Super Bowl concert was held, the star was instantly named a pop icon. And she achieved this not with the presentation of a new record or advertising her concerts, but with a viral dance and riding an audio-animated lion. It was the push, thanks to which the artist took off to the top of fame. Now the singer regularly receives invitations to act in films, sign a contract with some new enterprise, or participate in an advertising project. All this brings huge fees. Nevertheless, the artist refuses many offers and participates only in the most interesting projects for her. True, it is laid out in full. So, in the fall of this year, the developer Glu will release a mobile application Katy Perry. For this, the singer will receive a share of the profits and an advance with seven zeros.

Financial success Katy Perry

As Katie says, at the top of fame there are completely different opportunities, but she does not at all strive to constantly follow only the laws of show business, since she has her own path in life. At the end of the tour, the singer plans to take a vacation for herself and have a good rest, live a normal life in order to discover something new, and also gain strength before new creative victories.
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