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It is believed that female friendship does not exist. And when it comes to the relationship between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law, then you can shoot a thriller. It would seem, what can be terrible here? Two beautiful creatures – two women loving in different ways, one man. But why is there so much misunderstanding between them?

Are you a newly-made wife, just starting to build your relationship with your husband’s relatives? Or do you already have experience in these family matters? There is no big difference, the main thing is to know how to achieve dislike of the mother-in-law and, as a result, family feud. This is what you strive for, right? And so, 5 ways to permanently spoil the relationship with the mother-in-law:

1 Try with all your might to be friends with your mother-in-law, as with a friend. Tell her about your exes. Call her more often for any trifles. Arriving for a cup of tea, casually complain about your husband. She will be pleased to hear that the son she raised, fed, taught, grew up to be a dunce. That he is not in bed, that he earns little, does not pay proper attention to your person, dresses in the wrong way, listens to the wrong music, snores, eats a lot, drinks. And what? This is her son – let him know everything.

2 It would be nice to go to mutual acquaintances and tell (exaggerate a little, complete it) about what kind of witch your mother-in-law is and what kind of angelic daughter-in-law you are. How you try to be friends with her, keep secrets, and she gets angry and does not listen to you. It will make her feel good. And now your mother-in-law takes a broom, sits in a mortar and flies to you. And along the way, he tells everything that he thinks about you. 

3 A good way to involve your husband in your affairs with your mother-in-law. Complain about her as often as possible, tell how she "gets" you with moralizing. It would be nice if she did the same. You can wait for your husband to get home from work and find out your relationship with your mother-in-law with him. He will not be able to break between you and his mother, because he loves you both. And if you have to make a choice, then most likely it will not be in your favor.

4 They don’t go to a strange monastery with their charter. Who said? And you go. Let them know who’s in charge here. In order to achieve the most heated situation between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law, it is possible and necessary to interfere in all her affairs. Not forgetting to say with irony what she is wrong about (maybe not quite right). 


5 You, as a daughter-in-law, are strictly forbidden to listen to the advice of your mother-in-law! Let those who want to achieve a good relationship with their husband’s mother listen to her and thank her (although they do it in their own way in the end). Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law should smile at each other as little as possible and enter into an argument over trifles, unless, of course, they wish to enter a world war.

These 5 ways to spoil the relationship with the mother-in-law give quick results. As a bonus, you get a heated environment with your husband. If you need it – act! But remember one thing – everyone is different. Mothers-in-law are people too, and deserve respect. If only because they gave birth and raised a husband for you. Do not be offended, angry, jealous. Tell her affectionately “mom, I love you", because love saves the world!

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