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If you are a buyer, know your rights


Some unscrupulous professional scammers working in the trade and services industry can turn a purchase or service provided into a robbery in broad daylight. Dissatisfied with the service or low-quality goods to the consumer, they may refuse to exchange the goods or return the money. If you do not demand that your rights be respected, then no one will respect them. According to statistics, in recent years, legally literate consumers win 9 out of 10 court cases initiated by them.

You should be aware that, according to the current legislation, in the event of a defect, you have the right to contact the seller and demand that he eliminate the defect found free of charge, reduce the purchase price of this product in proportion or compensate for the costs of its elimination, which you will undertake. You also have the right to demand a replacement of the product and a refund of the amount spent on it.

You can also present your claims to the manufacturer, through whose fault the marriage was allowed. He is obliged to eliminate defects free of charge or to replace the goods with a similar one. To eliminate defects free of charge, you can contact the service center specified in the product documentation that performs warranty repairs.

You must submit your claim to return the price paid for the goods and compensate for the resulting losses in writing in the form of an application, which must be satisfied within 10 days from the date of submission. If your application is denied, you must go to court. At the same time, you must remember that if you do not have a receipt for the goods sold or the service provided, this cannot be a reason for the court to refuse to satisfy your requirements.

In addition to the return of the cost of a low-quality product, you can also demand in your application to compensate for the moral damage caused to you as a buyer as a result of a violation of your rights by the seller or manufacturer.

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