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Need a surefire way to make your partner happy? As studies have shown, almost everyone who has had a bad day can attest that a heartfelt expression of appreciation builds self-esteem and helps strengthen relationships.

Of course, experts were quick to point out that not all accolades are created equal. A meaningful compliment to a man is a sincere, timely, positive and specific statement that makes him unique, just like his eyes light up when he laughs when he tells another joke. You don’t need to think too much. “When you want to praise a partner, just try to feel what he wants to hear at that moment and why," the relationship expert advises. Try these 8 types of compliments for a man that will help make his day.
Your man may love it when you rave about his broad shoulders or dimples, but don’t forget to talk about his talents and accomplishments as well. "I really like it when my wife compliments me about my project I’ve been working on," says George. "I like it because it makes me realize that she understands how much time and effort I put into it."
8 compliments for a man, from which he will be delighted

  1. "You are smart." Complimenting a man about intelligence is a surefire way to bring a smile to his face, especially if he thinks he’s very smart.
     2. "You’re funny."
  2. "You are beautiful." Complementing the look of your partner, it can improve the mood, especially8 COMPLIMENTS TO A MAN WHICH HE WILL LOVEif your words are sincere and specific. "My wife will tell me how beautiful I look in the morning, and it gives me a boost to start my day," says Dmitry.
  3. "You are kind." Men love to know that their woman notices their acts of kindness and generosity. In fact, Dmitry says his cherished compliments when his wife says he has a good heart. "I can sometimes underestimate myself, and hearing what she said makes me feel like I’m doing something good," he says. "Besides, my mom has a good heart, so nice to see what I’ve inherited from her."
  4. "You are an incredible father." Raising a child is rewarding, but it can also be incredibly hard.
  5. "You are special to me." Remind and say this compliment to a man – one of the compliments that never gets old. "I love it when my fiancee tells me that time stops with me," says George. "It makes me feel like she appreciates our time together."
  6. "You are a wonderful lover." Dmitry loves it when his wife asks him for a "date". "After two kids, it’s good to know she still wants to ‘play’ with me," he says. In fact, not only is praise great for foreplay, it’s also a good way to develop intimacy and strengthen your bond, says Dimitri. Think carefully about what your partner wants to hear – or doesn’t want to hear.
  7. Thank you. Never underestimate the importance of showing gratitude. Your man must be sure that you have noticed him and that he is important to you.

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