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Summer chiffon dress: choose and wear


Delicate chiffon dresses emphasize the style and femininity of the owner. In this outfit, a girl can go to a cocktail party, a romantic date or just a walk in the fresh air.

A bit of history

Initially, chiffon was called a thin cotton fabric with a silky sheen. They were worn exclusively by people of high class. It wasn’t until the Art Nouveau era that true silk chiffon was invented. He became literally the idol of secular ladies. Dresses and shawls made of chiffon were a dizzying success.

What is chiffon

Despite the fact that in French chiffon means just a rag, this fabric is incredibly beautiful. There are several types of chiffon. The three most common are crepe chiffon, viscose chiffon and pearl chiffon. Crepe is a translucent material with a characteristic crepe structure. Viscose-chiffon is a light fabric with a noble matte sheen, translucent, flowing and very easy to drape. Its silky surface is very pleasant to the touch. The pearl chiffon variety has the sheen of silk. but transparent like chiffon. This material is incomparable in various types of pleats, especially in fortune folds.

Evening out

Evening dresses made of chiffon do not leave the fashionable Olympus. Their popularity is growing every year. Girls who prefer chiffon to create an evening dress are undoubtedly in the spotlight. This lightweight material allows you to create whole cascades of breathtaking folds and draperies. Chiffon dresses are incredibly romantic and elegant. They emphasize the femininity of the owner, give her a certain charm and sophistication. A chiffon black dress worn at a social event will create a sophisticated and stylish look.

In any setting

Chiffon outfits have ceased to be only the lot of secular lionesses. You can wear such outfits not only for going out. Light chiffon dresses look great on girls who attended a cocktail party, as well as went on a romantic date or a walk. The styles of chiffon dresses can be different – babydoll, with a low waist and ruffles, floor-length dresses, sundresses and bandeau with a pleated skirt. Long chiffon dresses take us back to the Middle Ages, to ardent gentlemen and gentle ladies under the canopy of plane trees. It seems that the sound of a flute or harp is about to be heard. Chiffon dresses with long sleeves amazingly emphasize the beauty of women’s hands, surrounding them with a romantic halo.

Summer dress 2013

Of course, the summer collections of 2013 were not without chiffon outfits. Designers suggest using flowers, birds and fruit and berry themes along with pastel colors. Chiffon with such motifs looks great on sundresses and bandeau dresses. A chiffon dress with short sleeves and a floor-length pleated skirt is a model for romantic ladies who are looking forward to summer. It will help create a romantic and stylish look. Going to an outdoor cocktail party, you can wear a knee-length pearl chiffon dress with a low-cut back and long sleeves.

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