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8 ideas how to decorate the top of the Christmas tree


The top of the Christmas tree crowns all your efforts in terms of preparing for the holiday. It reflects and completes the style you set for decorating your home. Here are 8 unusual ideas that will allow you to take a fresh look at Christmas decorations.

From year to year you take out old Christmas decorations from boxes on the mezzanine. You can also use spiers from plastic store sets to decorate the Christmas tree top, but it’s better to let your imagination run wild.

1 Star.
The star at the top of the Christmas tree symbolizes the same Star of Bethlehem, which indicated the newborn Savior to the Magi. You can simply buy this classic Christmas decoration in a store, or you can make it yourself from a wide variety of materials, from paper to decorative stones.

2 Figurine of an angel.
In the CIS countries, it was customary to decorate Christmas trees with angel dolls. Today, this tradition is making a comeback as a sweet vintage.

3 Snowflake.
Throwing away thoughts about the classics, think about the fact that the New Year is for most people a kind of culmination of winter. The snowflake at the top is the best way to reflect such a warm attitude to the cold season.

4 Bow.
In the modern world, tenderness and warmth are often so lacking. The bow, as a decoration of the Christmas tree crown, will create an atmosphere of festive comfort, light playfulness and softness in the house.

5 Disco ball.
Originality and creativity always attract heightened interest. If you fix a disco ball on the top of the Christmas tree and point a table lamp at it, you will save a lot on garlands.

6 Flowers.
Gradually, the so-called "natural" Christmas trees, which are decorated with fruits and vegetables, come into fashion. If you are a supporter of everything natural, then flowers are perfect to crown such beauty. True, in order to avoid a festive herbarium, they will need to be changed quite often.

7 Hat.
Developing the theme of Christmas socks, why not put a hat on the top of the Christmas tree, and decorate the rest with, for example, ties and the same socks for gifts. Or maybe a fun party cap?

8 Anything.
You can decorate the top of the tree with a symbol of what was most important to you in the past year (for example, a photo of a loved one).

Dare, create and your original Christmas tree will make the upcoming holiday unforgettable!

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