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Eva Longoria says no to romance with George Clooney


Who can say no to George Clooney? As it turned out, Eva Longoria. The main Hollywood love affairs insiders of the American edition of US Weekly report that the heartthrob Clooney tried to hit on the Mexican beauty back in March of this year, while continuing to meet with Stacy Keibler.

George and Eva are old friends, in March they both ended up in Berlin, where the 52-year-old actor began to literally pursue Longoria:

When the actress refused, George began to "stalk her, call and send messages." Eva, on the other hand, made it clear that there could be no question of any romance until Clooney ended the old relationship.

In the meantime, Clooney was sorting out relations with Kimbler, Eva managed to get a new boyfriend – a participant in the reality show, which was produced by the actress herself, Ernesto Argüello. “They are happy," sources say, but we know this without them thanks to numerous photos of a pretty couple.

Recall. that among the reasons for the separation of Clooney and Kibler were "months without sex", George’s unwillingness to marry, as well as the high employment of Stacy, who simply did not have time for her personal life.

Eva Longoria says no to romance with George Clooney

Eva Longoria didn’t want ‘anything more’ with old friend George Clooney

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