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Maria Shriver wants Arnold Schwarzenegger back?


Maria Shriver

And again, news from the field of matrimonial relations! Western media shocked: Maria Shriver was caught walking with a wedding ring on her finger. There is only one conclusion, they decided in the press – she intends to return to her ex-husband Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Recall that the couple filed for divorce in July last year, when it turned out that “iron Arnie" turned out to be not so iron, since he could not resist the charms of the housekeeper and had an affair with her for many years and even got an illegitimate son from this connection.

To say that Maria (and we along with her) was in shock means to say nothing: she immediately took the children and parted with her once beloved husband.

The parting was not easy: Arnie either declared that his ex-wife would not receive a cent from him, then put on T-shirts with insulting inscriptions against Mary, then slandered in the press. However, it was obvious to everyone that all this was only out of anger and despair, because without this woman, with whom he had been married for 25 years and who bore him four children, Schwarzenegger could not imagine his life. Later, the actor stated this openly:

Schwarzenegger developed this idea in his autobiography Total Recall: The Incredibly True Story of My Life, which has just been published. In the book, Arnie writes how strong his feelings for Mary were and how deeply he regrets the mistake he made. And also expresses the hope that he will be able to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of his beloved, and she will give him a second chance.

Apparently, Maria carefully read Arnold’s book: what does this ring mean if not a hint that she is ready to make peace with her ex-husband?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but it was not for nothing that the hero of Schwarzenegger said I`ll be back!

Maria Shriver wants Arnold Schwarzenegger back?Maria Shriver wants Arnold Schwarzenegger back?
Maria Shriver wants Arnold Schwarzenegger back?
Maria Shriver wants Arnold Schwarzenegger back?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver



is happiness possible?

Maria Shriver wants Arnold Schwarzenegger back?

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