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We don’t even pay attention to the fact that we kiss at least several times during the day. We kiss our beloved and dear people: parents, children, friends or girlfriends at a meeting or parting, we kiss our reflection in the mirror, we kiss our pets. All these kisses are sincere, but gradually we cease to regard them as sensual pleasure, they become routine and pass into the category of “on duty".

The most interesting thing is that we do not think about the fact that in a relationship with a loved one it is very important to keep your feelings fresh. No one wants to turn a goodbye kiss into a bitter goodbye kiss, so you need to figure out how and what to do and what to avoid when kissing goodbye. 

So, a few basic rules when saying goodbye to your loved one:

1 Try to avoid kissing with painted lips – well, men do not like this! 

2 Kiss him with a short, hurried kiss if he doesn’t like "calf tenderness" – it doesn’t matter which part of the face you hit: on the lips, on the cheek, on the forehead or nose. This kiss must be gentle. 


3 Give him kisses if you are in sight. Practice shows that such kisses cause a smile and, accordingly, a good mood.

4 Use an affectionate kiss more often or a caring one – be sure to lightly touch the upper and then the lower lip of your loved one. This kiss is very pleasant at parting, you will let your man know how much you appreciate him and worry about him.

5 Practice an occasional playful or hot kiss – try kissing your significant other more passionately when you say goodbye than you’ve done before. In addition to a kiss on the lips, touch his neck, shoulder or ear, and perhaps in the near future all urgent matters (especially his meeting with friends or fishing) will be relegated to the background …

6 Find a use for your hands, they will help you decorate your kiss – hug your loved one goodbye, stroke his hair, run your fingernails along his back or arms.

7 Your happy look and well-groomed appearance is also not an unimportant factor when kissing goodbye. Do not forget to wash your face before the morning kiss, even if you have been together for ages. Also, a drop of perfume in your hair will leave your loved one with a pleasant memory of a goodbye kiss.


Remember: any kiss should open pleasant sensations and experiences for the two of you, should awaken the sensuality of the soul and body. 

Kiss more often, cherish every moment and know that even a farewell kiss promises new meetings!

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