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Shopping for underwear


Properly selected lingerie can make every woman beautiful and desirable. Going to the store for a set, you should remember a few simple rules that will help you make the right choice and purchase the most suitable wardrobe item.

Underwear should be comfortable. It is necessary to buy only those things that fit in size, do not press and crush. Bra and panties should not cut into the body.

Do not get carried away with push-up bras that are fashionable today. Of course, they perfectly support the chest. But the position of the chest is not entirely natural. It is better to wear such bras at a party or in a restaurant, and in everyday life use ordinary soft bras.

As for materials, the best option is cotton, silk, satin. Silk is great for the heat, and cotton has proven itself to be comfortable for the cool season.

Sports underwear has a slimming effect, it is suitable for active sports: running, aerobics and sports dancing.

The color of underwear depends solely on the taste of the woman. Black or white lingerie is considered a universal classic. Red is considered the color of passion and sexuality. The color of underwear is recommended to be selected depending on skin tone – bright underwear on pale skin does not look too good. Swarthy women are more fortunate – they go with almost any shade.

Women who prefer open dresses should focus on special cups that are glued to the skin of the chest. Such cups give shape and visually increase the breast. Very comfortable bras-transformers, which come unfastened straps. These bras are suitable for light summer and evening dresses.

And about panties. Fashionable today, many women like thongs, but you need to be able to wear them. Out of habit, such panties can rub the skin. From a medical point of view, the most correct panties are shorts.

Thus, when buying underwear, you should prefer natural fabrics, be sure to take into account the style of outerwear and, of course, do not save. Beautiful underwear of good quality is a gift for your body.

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