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Choosing a laptop!


Buying a laptop is currently a difficult task for novice users. Much in the choice directly depends on its main technical parameters, so you should know exactly for what purpose you are purchasing a laptop, and from this choose the necessary model for work.

With the definition of goals, the range of models offered for purchase will narrow accordingly. In addition, you need to be aware that upgrading a laptop in the future is almost impossible. Here are the most important components that you should pay close attention to when buying it.

Screen features. The display with a sufficiently large diagonal is convenient for work, but in this case it is not necessary to talk about the low weight and compactness of the laptop. The best choice at the moment is considered to be a display diagonal from 15.4 to 17 inches and with a resolution of up to 1600 * 1200 pixels, while such models are technically well equipped and adapted for both work (Internet, office documents) and entertainment (multimedia, games ). The second feature when choosing a display is the matrix manufacturing technology.

Battery selection. The next important indicator of a laptop is the battery life, that is, without access to a power source. You should choose at a higher charging speed for as long a battery life as possible. Now the minimum battery life is two hours, and the maximum reaches 10 hours or more.

laptop processor. For office work, a processor with a core frequency of 1 GHz will be enough, for multimedia processing and for gaming purposes, you should choose a processor with a frequency of 2 GHz or higher.

Motherboard and its components. The only important thing is that the "motherboard" has one or two additional slots for more memory. When choosing the second nuance is the presence of a larger number of additional modules and connectors, various input / output ports.

HDD. How much it should have depends only on your needs and financial capabilities. You can buy a laptop with a disk capacity of 80 to 500 GB. Its hard drive has some nuances, consisting in reduced power consumption and increased compactness, so hard drives have a reduced rotation speed of up to 5400 rpm, however, 4200 rpm is enough for office work.

RAM. Now for the normal operation of the laptop, the minimum amount of RAM should be 1 GB (including Windows Vista / 7).

Video card. A video card is considered an important component if you decide to buy a laptop for professional video processing or for gaming purposes.

The weight and dimensions of the laptop. A full-fledged laptop, which in its capabilities completely replaces a desktop computer, can weigh over 5 kg. But for transportation, this weight is large, so you need to choose in favor of 2-3 kg.

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