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How to order things from America


I want to replenish my wardrobe, but what they sell in stores doesn’t like or doesn’t fit. I want to save money, but not on the quality of clothes, but everything around is so expensive or ugly. If these thoughts have already crossed your mind, try placing your first order in one of the American online stores.

Choosing the right things while sitting at home with a cup of tea is very convenient. This saves time, effort and money. The most popular today are online stores in America. It is convenient to make purchases in them, things are sold of high quality and at very low prices, even taking into account the payment for delivery. In addition, modern online stores make it much easier to find the right thing for you by filtering by colors, sizes, and even clothing styles. And all you need is just a bank card with the ability to make payments through the PayPal system, a tape measure to accurately determine the right size and a little time to surf the pages of online boutiques.

Please contact your bank for a credit or debit card before you start shopping online. Consult with employees which of the tariffs will be most beneficial for working with online stores. Be sure to draw the attention of bank employees that you need a card to make Internet payments, since not all types of cards support this feature.

The next step is to register an account in the PayPal international payment system. All you need is your email address and payment details of your new bank card. When registering, the system will request the possibility of withdrawing an amount of $1.95 from the card, so make sure that the required amount of money is on the card at the time of registration. After you enter the payment password, which can be seen in the SMS message about cash withdrawal from the card or in the online bank statement, the withdrawn amount of money will be returned to you. This action is required to confirm that the card is indeed in the hands of the rightful owner.

In order for the joy of buying to be complete, you need to know your exact dimensions. Take a measuring tape, take measurements from yourself or from things that fit well on you, write down all these data and check with the size chart posted on the website of the online store. If you are afraid that the measurements taken by yourself may not be entirely accurate, contact the nearest studio, whose employees will definitely help you solve this problem.

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