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Rules and principles of smart shopping


Shopping, or simply shopping, is an activity that is familiar to everyone. For most women and a considerable number of men, shopping is even a kind of way to relax and relieve stress by buying a new beautiful thing. If you also want to have a good time shopping, but at the same time not find an empty wallet and a bunch of unnecessary things upon returning home, then you need to know a few simple rules.

Smart shopping starts at home. Determine exactly how much money you are willing to spend, and on what item specifically. Take it with you – this will protect you from rash spending that can seriously undermine the family budget. It’s also a good idea to make a shopping list and stick to it. If you go to buy food, do not forget to have a snack before the trip: as practice shows, a hungry buyer often buys food that he does not really need.

Be careful in the store! Everything – from the route of your movement, to the appearance and smell of goods, is designed in such a way as to attract your attention, and, as a result, make you buy a thing that you did not originally need. Special employees – merchandisers are responsible for this. Most of these tricks are known – the most expensive product is displayed at the eye level of customers, attracting attention to them with a bright different price tag (while decorating it with a really meaningless inscription, for example, “Product of the month!"), everyday goods are placed at the end of the hall, to force the customer to walk past the shelves with other goods. Quiet unobtrusive music plays. The product can also be specially flavored.

So that smart shopping does not turn from joyful shopping into a crazy purchase of everything that the store imposes on you, just be careful and do not fall for the tricks described above. This will not reduce the pleasure of shopping, but it will save money and nerves.

Read the price tags carefully and mentally round them up. Do not rush thoughtlessly at products marked as discounted, first find out the price of their counterparts in the nearest stores. Do not rush to also buy satellite products along with the main product – as a rule, the price of the satellite product will be overpriced.

And most importantly, stay calm and don’t give in to the buying frenzy.

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