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Every day on our life path we encounter different people. Some of them become our true friends, whom you can always rely on. However, there are those who try to take advantage of friendship.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to determine whether a person is really friends with you, or just using you. However, by certain signs or behavior in situations, it is quite easy to determine the sincerity of friendship. Sometimes it’s pretty easy to see that the person is actually treating you badly or trying to ingratiate himself with negative intentions. They only make themselves known when they need something from you. This is the main sign that friends with you are insincere or just using you – they only remember you when they need something from you. It can be just some little things, like a request to borrow a book or an offer to go for a walk, or much more serious situations – to borrow money, for example.

Helping friends is showing love and kindness to them.

If you start to notice that a person only contacts you when they need something, it’s time to end this habit or stop communicating altogether. They don’t invite you when they’re hanging out with other friends It’s obvious enough that it’s great when all the friends know each other and communicate well. But if someone who is new to your company starts hanging out with your friends but hides it and doesn’t invite you, that could be a wake-up call. In such a situation, it is very important to be objective, because sometimes it is very easy to wind yourself up and feel threatened for no real reason. That is why it is worth considering the situation well, weighing the pros and cons before breaking ties with someone.

Use your personal information for their own purposes

Some fake friends ingratiate themselves with you in order to find out the information they need for their own purposes. Such cases are fairly obvious, although sometimes you may not take them seriously. This can manifest itself in different situations, which is why you should be on your guard. Perhaps your friend is using your work connections, or using your name for his own benefit. For this, you can then get into incomprehensible situations or even face serious problems, without even understanding why this happened.

You are constantly denied

True friendship is sincere and does not tolerate selfishness. However, there are times when we need our friends. Perhaps you need someone to listen to you, or do you some kind of service, help in a certain situation. If you notice that your friend constantly refuses to help you, it is quite possible that the friendship is not real. This point is quite closely related to the first, because very often fake friends constantly ask you for help, and when you need help, they simply disappear. Of course, not everyone we meet in life wants to use us or harm us, however, it is important not to lose vigilance so as not to become a victim of those who would like to.

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