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Between career and family: how to deal with a recruiter


Probably, everyone would like to maintain an optimal balance between family and career, so that everything goes well with loved ones, and at work the boss is pleased with you. In fairness, it must be said that it is possible to do this, but it is very difficult and only a few manage to achieve this result. Often you have to make very difficult choices and sacrifice something.

In 2007, one of the leading recruiting agencies conducted an interesting study. They interviewed 3,000 people living in major cities. Of these, 10% are ready to devote themselves entirely to work, sacrificing their personal lives. For 46%, it is still more important to pay attention to the family first of all, however, they give a lot of free time to work. The rest preferred to make the ratio the same, 50/50.

Recruiters’ opinion

Today, hiring managers need to understand whether the candidate will be able to devote enough time to their work. Usually, most questions about the family are asked to women. As a rule, they are less career-oriented, and prefer to give more free time to their family.

The most commonly targeted categories are:

• Young girls who have recently married;

• Mothers with toddlers;

• Those who have two or more children;

• Divorced or unmarried women with children.

Between career and family: how to deal with a recruiter

You can often hear direct questions related to priority. Don’t be afraid of these kinds of questions. Most likely, they are trying to provoke you and determine what you are willing to sacrifice. The question of a possible irregular working day can also be veiled here. There are a number of other factors for which you may have to sacrifice your family. These include work in the evenings, on weekends, business trips, readiness to constantly be in touch and more.

When do you need to say that a career is a priority for you?

Suitable if you are serious about career growth. You must be ambitious and full of brilliant ideas. At the same time, you will get a job that will require you to make many independent decisions. It also includes a creative profession, during which you have to give yourself entirely. It is possible that such work will be accompanied by constant stressful situations and a lot of overtime.

You can answer in this way at an interview if you get a job as a manager, project manager, creative worker in an advertising agency, corporate lawyer, and also an accountant.

When to answer that there is no priority

If you are focused on routine work, on quiet activities without overtime, without significant responsibility, then your answer should be 50/50. In this case, it will be even more desirable than the previous one, since an unrealized careerist will create many problems for both the leader and colleagues.

This phrase is also appropriate when hiring specialists, leading specialists, secretaries, translators, assistants and assistants for vacancies.
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