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This discussion of artificial insemination touches directly on the process of insemination, possible insurance coverage, sperm count and motility, fertility and the search for a doctor.

1 Before starting the artificial insemination procedure, men must undergo a special test that shows the quality of male sperm, sperm count and their motility. A low sperm count can prevent fertilization. Often the sperm count is low due to low sperm motility. A man’s sperm can be "immobile". This means that the sperm are "out there", but somehow the sperm is not active. Low sperm motility may be the reason that interferes with fertilization.

2 The woman must also be tested to make sure she is able to get pregnant. Men who have had a vasectomy in the past can undergo a "reverse vasectomy" procedure. Although it is impossible to guarantee successful conception after a reverse vasectomy, this process sometimes leads to complete restoration of reproductive function.

3 After that, you must find a doctor who deals with reproductive issues and determine if the insurance covers the process of artificial insemination. Many insurance companies must fully cover this process when all other fertilization options have already been used. Your insurer may limit the number of in vitro fertilization attempts.

4 Next, you must make an appointment with a doctor for an initial consultation. Prior to the procedure, doctors often ask the couple to keep an ovulation chart and note the days the couple has sex. Sometimes, the graphs show that the problem lies in the incorrect schedule of the sexual life of partners.

5 As a rule, the next step is the fertilization process itself. It usually starts with the husband masturbating in a separate room or bathroom. The semen is placed in a bowl, which is then placed in a dispensing box and sent to the nurse’s station.

6 The final step is the insertion of the husband’s sperm into the woman’s vagina by a doctor. This is done with a special tube. This is a very short process, it takes less than one minute.

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