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When you are 100% aware of the fact of your husband’s infidelity, the very first thought that visits your head will be: "Damn, has your husband changed how to behave?" First of all, it would not hurt to understand the intentions on your part. If your character is strict and you are not ready to forgive and live in peace, then this is one side of the coin. Here we will talk about the case when there are children in the family and you need the father to return to his children.

Why husbands cheat

To begin with, it is worth understanding why husbands cheat. Below are some of the reasons:
• it’s all about you;
• he needs something more;
• constant reproaches from your side;
• excessive control;
• and probably the worst – aging;
• love has evaporated or weakened.


But, fortunately, all these points can be corrected, although it is very difficult to do this. Many at the very beginning set themselves the task of how to find out if the husband is cheating. This can be done very simply. It is enough just to be observant precisely observant, and not intrusive. Notice the slightest change in behavior, in the style of clothing, in his arrival time. The control check will be the offer of sex. If you come home late from work and you are sure that he was with someone else, try to seduce him. If excuses about fatigue at work begin, it means that he was caught and it’s time to act.

Steps to get your husband back

You no longer need to wonder why husbands cheat. The answer is given, now you need to make sure that he wants only you again, and not some kind of fifa. Family life, especially with the advent of a child, is very boring if the spouses devote all their time only to the future generation. It is also necessary to think about the fact that the child sees love and understanding between parents, so tantrums are not the best option. It is necessary to act, coming from afar, with hints.

For example, make you jealous first. If at work or among acquaintances there is a secret admirer whom you kept at a distance, then loosen the reins a little, flirt. Make it clear that you are more of a loose woman. Remember, flirting is not cheating. So don’t be shy. If calls and gifts from a “temporary" boyfriend attracted the attention of your legal spouse, then you received an answer to the question “husband changed how to behave”. Continue, and soon he will realize that his woman is interesting not only to him.

To attract attention, change the style of clothing. Instead of a constrained and strict style, you need to put something open and enticing, a little cosmetics will also be useful. Now you have become one of the points "why husbands cheat" because now you have become the object of another man’s desire. And that means one step closer to victory. Remember that all this time the husband should not know about this game.

The results of tricks

In the end, the hubby will ask a question similar to "how to find out if the husband is cheating" only now he will be interested in the word wife. Just a little more pressure left. If the secret admirer has already believed that you are ready for further relationships, then it’s time to throw out the last trumps. Start coming home later, and when you arrive, try to behave almost normally, betraying a little joy.

After this, any man, no matter how felt boots he is, will suspect that something is wrong. And he himself will enter the desired conversation. Here a restraint must be exercised that has never been shown before. After all, you are a mother and protect the interests of children, which means you are ready to do anything.

This can go on for more than one month or even more than one year, but if everything works out, the family will be saved, and the question “the husband has changed how to behave” will never bother you again. After all, this stage has been passed and will not happen again, because life will become completely different.

And in conversations with friends, you will now give advice on how to find out if your husband is cheating – you are now an expert in this matter). Be happy!

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