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Never again: actors who refuse to shoot in explicit scenes


Let’s talk about the stars who have a special clause in the contract

It is believed that a good actor should be able to get used to any role, which is hard to disagree with, and yet many artists eventually (or at the very beginning of their careers) come to the conclusion that being naked in front of the camera is not something they would like to practice. in your projects. Recently, the star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" Keira Knightley said that she no longer intends to participate in scenes that, even according to the script, require her to be naked. The artist does not want her sexuality to be conveyed "through the prism of a man." We decided to talk about who, following the example of Knightley, adjusts his contract.

Anna Kendrick

The actress is at the peak of her popularity and can afford to choose roles, the only thing Kendrick is not ready for during filming is full nudity. Anna believes that such scenes make it difficult to concentrate on the plot, and for an actress this is incredibly important. At the same time, Kendrick does not criticize his colleagues, who see nothing wrong with throwing off all their clothes in front of the camera.

Never again: actors who refuse to shoot in explicit scenes

Sarah Jessica Parker

It’s strange to hear statements about the rejection of excessive sexuality from the main star of a series built entirely on sex and its aspects. And yet you will hardly find a Parker project where the actress appears completely naked – Sarah sets a condition for the producers, which frees her from explicit scenes. The actress herself claims that the point is not in principles, but in banal self-doubt.

Never again: actors who refuse to shoot in explicit scenes

Scarlett Johansson

Incredibly seductive on the screen (and in life), Johansson immediately warns the team of producers and directors that there will be no erotic scenes with her participation in the film, although the actress is not shy. Scarlett has been of the opinion for many years that explicit scenes are not the most important thing to write in a script. You can understand the actress, because you never know how participation in too bold projects will affect your career.

Blake Lively

Like Anna Kendrick, Hollywood star Blake Lively is confident that too much emphasis on her body will only distract the viewer from the story unfolding on the screen. Of course, in the career of the actress there were roles that included a constant presence in a bathing suit, remember at least the thriller "The Shallows", and yet the tense plot does not allow you to enjoy the perfect figure of the actress. As for the completely nude scenes, Lively states bluntly that such projects are not very interesting to her.

Never again: actors who refuse to shoot in explicit scenes

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