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How to choose a laptop bag


When purchasing a laptop, you need to think about a bag for carrying and storing it. Of course, it should be as strong as possible, reliable and provide the best protection against mechanical damage.

Modern laptop bags can be made to fit specific models, as some of them have original battery shapes. However, the main criterion for choosing a product is the size of the matrix of a portable personal computer. It is usually measured in diagonal inches.

Pay attention to how the laptop is located inside the bag. Nothing should constrain him, but he should not hang out at the same time. Some bags have special straps for additional security of the device. In this case, you need to check whether they fit snugly enough to the laptop.

A bag for a typical 15-inch portable laptop computer, as a rule, is also suitable for models with a larger and smaller matrix size. The cover is designed for the whole range of modern portable devices that have the same size of the display matrix. In this case, the laptop model itself does not really matter.

However, it must be remembered that even if modern devices have the same matrix, the dimensions and dimensions can vary greatly. In addition, some laptops have additional and special tabs for high-capacity batteries. They protrude beyond the laptop case, which the bag may simply not be designed for. To avoid misunderstandings in the future, find out the exact dimensions of the compartment where the computer will be located.

Compartments should be reinforced with soft shock-absorbing walls. They will serve as excellent protection not only from blows, but also from frost. As for the frame, it is better to give preference to a rigid one. It is heavy, but provides excellent protection against damage.

The laptop bag should be made of waterproof material. This is usually polyester and nylon impregnated with a special compound.

An important criterion when choosing a bag for a laptop is accessories. Until now, metal was considered the most durable. However, some types of plastic can withstand no less load, but at the same time noticeably lighten the product.

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