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How to determine the size of a T-shirt


Going on a picnic, to the country house, on a trip or to meet friends, you will most likely prefer to wear a T-shirt, because it is a versatile piece of clothing and is equally loved by both women and men. A t-shirt tailored to your figure will give its owner a stylish and sporty look. Conversely, a thing that is too narrow or spacious can become the subject of ridicule from others.

To begin with, use a centimeter tape to measure the circumference of the chest, for which wrap the tape around the chest and look at the scale value in the place where the tape itself converges with its beginning.

If you are buying a T-shirt for a man, then with a chest circumference of ninety-eight centimeters, choose any thing that is S or 44 – 46, with a measurement of ninety-nine – one hundred centimeters, preference should be given to clothes in size M or 46 – 48.

If a man’s chest circumference is one hundred and one – one hundred and ten centimeters, the T-shirt model should be chosen in size L or 48 – 50. A larger T-shirt is purchased when the measurement result is one hundred and eleven – one hundred and eighteen centimeters.

T-shirt XXL or 52 – 54 sizes are bought when the girth of the man’s chest does not exceed 122 centimeters. Above this indicator, the size of the future thing will already be indicated by the number 54 or XXXL.

As for women’s sizes, they differ somewhat in their performance. So 44 – 46 size or XS corresponds to the figure seventy-six centimeters. If a woman’s chest circumference is eighty centimeters, then the T-shirt model should have the designation S or 44 – 46.

A T-shirt in size 46 – 48 or M is purchased when the chest circumference is 88 centimeters. If the measurements are more than 88, but less than 96 centimeters, buy an item in size L or 48 – 50.

And accordingly, the circumference of a woman’s chest is 97 – 100 centimeters – the size of a T-shirt is 50 – 52 or XL, from 101 to 104 cm – 52 – 54 or XXL.

If you are sizing without using a measuring tape, check the tags on the T-shirts you wear, and look for the item that is the same size.

And, of course, the most excellent way to select things according to the figure can be called a fitting.

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