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How to dress for an indoor ice rink


Due to the cold and the inconvenience of changing clothes, few people spend their free time in winter on outdoor activities and sports. An indoor skating rink is a great way out of this situation, you can take off your heavy outerwear and calmly change clothes, put on skates. Here you can comfortably relax and drink a cup of tea. Go in for sports in the cold season, feel great and have fun.

For a girl, skating is not only a health benefit, but also an opportunity to demonstrate her stylish outfits and her gracefulness in front of young people who enjoy visiting indoor ice rinks. If you decide to buy new things for these activities, look for new clothes in sports brand stores. The developers have taken care of comfort and convenience during active movement.

Usually indoor skating rinks don’t get hotter than seven degrees Celsius so that the artificial ice is suitable for skating. Be guided by this figure when choosing clothes, but keep in mind that you will warm up from the movement. Start with underwear. Do not wear a set with an abundance of synthetic lace – this will only interfere and irritate the skin. Find a natural fiber sportswear that will support your charms and won’t cause allergies.

Wear a ribbed cotton T-shirt over your underwear. It perfectly stretches, absorbs sweat, does not cause irritation and allows the skin to breathe. Tight tights made of wool, cotton and lycra fiber blend will come in handy if you decide to choose a skirt or dress. Pair your naughty miniskirt with a bright sweater with Norwegian-inspired winter patterns. Pair it with a knitted hat.

Wear thin gloves to protect your palms in case of a fall. And if you are still not very confident on skates, protective knee and elbow pads will save you from injury and help you avoid bruising. Do not wear a scarf or wrap a long scarf around your neck, these things can get caught on something, which will lead to unpleasant consequences.

Stretch jeans will not restrict your movements and will demonstrate a beautiful figure. Pair them with a turtleneck and a stylish fur vest. Fur earmuffs, gaiters and armlets in chunky textured knit are cute and fashionable details that will come in handy for ice skating. Leggings and a sweater dress with a mischievous beret will help you look cheerful and spontaneous girl.

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