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Who is to blame for the fact that warm relationships, love and sexual relationships wither, melt and finally go away forever? Perhaps this time so ordered, or maybe we ourselves are doing something wrong … In the end, what’s the difference? Family relationships have become unbearable, they no longer even want to be restored. But how to leave without hurting him or yourself? How to get rid of a husband forever – do not regret, do not get sick, do not cry?

What’s wrong?

Before destroying the family and going for a divorce from my husband, I’ll think a hundred times, is it worth it? It may take a day, or two, to think. This is fine. I will not hurry, I will think carefully, I will weigh all the pros and cons. What if I’m wrong?

What does not suit?

• My husband stopped loving me and doesn’t appreciate me at all.
• He earns little and is not at all interested in the welfare of our family.
• He drinks, this is followed by scandals, insults, rudeness.
• I became uninteresting with him (or he with me).
• Husband cheats, constantly lies, comes home late, disappears somewhere.
• I fell in love with another…

Each woman can build this list, her own. Although, in essence, all these lists will be similar to each other. But one thing is clear – every woman should clearly understand for herself WHY she wants to get rid of her husband, whom, by the way, she once loved, very, very …

Divorce from husband. How to do without pain?

Good for those people who know how to just put an end to it. And, actually, what is it? Divorce and everything is a matter of life. Look how many couples get divorced – and nothing. But what about those women who are ill with their souls, feel sorry for him, are afraid of change, do not know how to do the right thing? How to deal with fear, with insecurity, with the remaining love?


Fear is a separate issue. It’s scary to be alone, to leave him alone. It is terrible that relatives and friends will condemn, that a tyrant husband will be angry. It’s scary that it will be even worse later, and in general, what’s ahead?

I know one thing for sure – you need to leave the tyrant and the drunkard. It will not be worse. On the contrary, ahead is freedom and a chance for a new happy life. I will forever get rid of insults and humiliation, I will not constantly think about how to avoid a quarrel, why this happens and what to do about it. I will not be afraid to be ten minutes late home or die of fear, looking out the window – what he will come, what time and what he will do when he comes home.

When you decide to leave, don’t be afraid. If he offends, seek the help of the police. By the way, in court, when a divorce from your husband takes place, then oh, how these appeals to the police will come in handy. Decisiveness is our weapon. She always wins. Don’t be afraid of anything! Do not succumb to threats and pleas. I DECIDED TO GET RID OF THE HUSBAND FOREVER! This is what should constantly sound in the head of a woman who wants to start a new happy life.

A pity

One can only imagine how many women live with their husbands out of pity, dissolving their lives thread by thread for him, who has long been unloved. It’s a pity for him … This is especially true for those families where the husband drinks. I’ll drop it. And who needs him like that, who will take care of him with broth, my own, albeit unloved? In fact, what nonsense! HE is a man! HE, not me! It is HE who should take care of me, bring flowers and money, speak kind words and try to do everything so that we feel good together. Can not? Is he disabled? Not? Then get out!


Of course, it wasn’t always like that. There were so many happy moments in the past. Only here the word "once" is the key here. Everything is gone. And once it’s over, then there’s nothing to talk about. Of course, you can’t get the memories out of your head. But over time, they will surely subside and leave only a quiet sadness. There will be no more pain. We just have to wait for the time.


I won’t get angry. Although, I must say that when you are angry, it is easier to get rid of your husband. I forgive him. I also forgive myself for not being able to change some things in this life. But I want to live and be happy. I’m leaving. I will try to do it as calmly as possible and leave beautifully. I will try to.

New love

If it already exists, great. Then it will be much easier to change everything in life, because there will be a beloved shoulder nearby. If not, then, believe me, she will definitely come again. Everything is still ahead and everything will definitely be fine …

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