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Family Film Week


If you don’t know what to do with a teenager on vacation, feel free to offer him to watch any of the below recommended movies, or even better, sit down to watch them together!


Nice family movie. Elementary school student Sicil moves with her mother from Paris to a small town in the south of France. The first time in a new place, she really misses her dad, with whom her mother is now divorced, and also for her friends who remained in the capital. Soon a traveling circus arrives in town. The girl notices how cruelly the director of the circus treats a pony named Paulie and decides to save the horse. Under the cover of night, she organizes the escape of a horse from the circus and settles it in an old greenhouse, which she spotted not far from home. Sicil takes care of the runaway, soon all the local children join her, as well as a boy from the circus, who also felt sorry for Paulie. But how long will the kids be able to shelter the ponies? After all, the director of the circus has appointed a reward to whoever finds it.

Year: 2021
Duration: 102 minutes
Country: France

The Oliver Twist Affair

Youth adventure drama starring Jude Law’s son. The action takes place today in London. Oliver Twist is a young artist who paints breathtaking large-scale graffiti on the facades of buildings. His mother was well versed in art and knew how to feel it with her heart. She taught this to her son. But now he is all alone in the city. He is looking for love, family warmth and finds them in the gang of swindler Fagin (Michael Caine). Here he not only participates in the theft of the famous painting, but also meets the daring parkour rider Red, with whom he soon becomes close. Rita Ora and Lena Headey are seen in supporting roles.

Year: 2021
Duration: 92 minutes
Country: UK

The Story of the Bloom Family (Penguin Bloom)

Drama based on real events. Starring Naomi Watts. Her character Sam Bloom is a happy wife and mother of three wonderful boys, and she also loves the ocean. The family was on a carefree holiday in Thailand when the tragedy happened. Sam leaned on the emergency railing and fell off the balcony. Now her spine is broken and her body is paralyzed. Sam plunges into a deep depression, from which an injured magpie chick unexpectedly helps her out, which her sons find on the beach and call Penguin. After all, the chick is so similar to Sam – he has wings, but he cannot fly …

Year: 2020
Duration: 95 minutes
Country: Australia, USA

Enola Holmes

Superbly costumed detective based on Nancy Springer’s Enola Holmes Investigations. The Case of the Missing Marquis.

Enola Holmes is the sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. After the death of their father, Sherlock and his brother Mycroft left their native estate. Enola was raised by her mother (Helena Bonham Carter). She raised her daughter in a rather dubious manner for those times: an intellectual and a fighter, free from the prejudices of secular society. These skills will be very useful to Enola when, on the day of her 16th birthday, the girl discovers that her parent has disappeared without a trace. The brothers are going to “put" Enola into a boarding school for noble maidens in order to “hew” her to the limits pleasing to society. But the girl decides to avoid this unacceptable fate and runs away from home in search of her mother. On the way, she meets a young marquis who is also on the run from his own family…

Year: 2020
Duration: 123 minutes
Country: USA

black beauty

A touching family drama based on the short story of the same name by Anna Sewell. The main male role was played by Ian Glen, remembered by the audience for the role of Ser Jorah Mormont from the popular TV series Game of Thrones. This is the story of a wild mustang named Beauty, who was able to tame and ride around the orphan girl Jo Green. While still a schoolgirl, she got to her uncle’s horse farm and became a groom here. Joe and Beauty, left without parents, found rapture and solace in each other. However, fate separated them for many years. And all this time, Jo did not lose hope of finding Beauty again and saddling her …

Year: 2020
Duration: 110 minutes
Country: USA

Have a great vacation and enjoy watching!

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