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Maybe this question will make some people smile, but believe me, there is absolutely nothing funny about it. The question "How to love a husband again?" occupies the heads of more than one thousand women. Yes, when she got married, she loved. Moreover, burned with passion. But years have passed and things have changed. The husband seems to have remained the same – good, caring, earns. But the feelings in my soul faded away – no trepidation, no excitement. And how you want to love so that it captures the spirit! Go to the side? Not everyone will decide on this. Yes, and this method can bring more trouble than joy. It is better to think about how to love your husband again. Let’s think together.

How to love your husband again

His flaws

Everyone has flaws, that’s understandable. And you didn’t get married blindly – you saw that your fiancé had flaws. But those former shortcomings did not cause you any special negative emotions, since you married him. Take a look at your current spouse. Maybe you have cooled off towards him, due to the fact that he has new negative qualities that you can no longer put up with. Then you should talk to him or try to somehow quietly try to fix them yourself. The annoying factor will go away – perhaps love will return.

His appearance

Around the wives, there is only talk about the fact that they stopped looking after themselves, got better, don’t put on makeup and don’t run in the morning. Therefore, men and give birth to mistresses. Aren’t men like that? Married to a superman with biceps and triceps, a woman a few years later watches a plump little man on her couch sucking a beer from a bottle. Talk to your spouse. Only calmly. If it doesn’t help, then try admiring an actor or a fit neighbor, saying “Oh, what a man …". Naturally, you yourself must also be in shape.

His sex

Over the years, sex calms down, you yourself understand this. But if your husband has become completely cold and inattentive – you need to tell him about it – only carefully so as not to offend. Make some effort yourself – put on erotic lingerie, come up with a role-playing game or take leadership into your own hands. In a word, if you think that “renewed” sex will help you to love your husband again, then act. For “dumb” husbands, such a “teaser” is suitable: when going to your mother, girlfriend or to the store, put on beautiful stockings. Put it on so your husband can see it. Perhaps his brain (and maybe not only the brain) will tense up.

His help

Does he help you? What he earns is good. But does he help you with raising children, in the kitchen, or when you are sick? Maybe the dissatisfaction with the fact that he does not give you a shoulder at all has grown into a deep resentment and killed the feeling of love? This moment is very difficult. To tell your husband that he should help you is, in my opinion, to say nothing. And if he is not used to helping a woman and still has not done this, then he will never do this either. Except through scandals. But who needs that kind of help? In any case, it is necessary to talk, perhaps your complaints will be heard.

your illusions

In my opinion, this is the main reason that love passes after several years or even months of family life. A woman’s heart has always been hotter and more sensitive than a man’s. Some wise man said: "A woman has her whole heart, even her head." And therefore, marrying the man of her dreams, taking off from happiness and love, every woman dreams that it will always be like this. And now you have to think about how to love your husband again? No need for illusions. Every year the passions in your family will subside – this is normal. A fire cannot burn all the time. But think about it, is it bad to warm yourself by a calmly burning fire? Are passions and explosions really necessary? Perhaps, having got rid of unnecessary illusions, you will look at your husband with different eyes – the eyes of a wise woman and rejoice at the quiet female happiness?

your game

Psychologists advise women who want to love their husband again to start with a game called "I love pretend." The principle here is simple. By forcing ourselves to smile for a few minutes, we lift our spirits. Returning to those times when you were passionate about your husband, “transferring” those emotions to the present, even if artificially, you can return some of the lost feelings. Rejoice in your spouse when he comes, feed him with pleasure, have sex with him with pleasure. Relax together, hug more often, laugh at his jokes and praise him. Think, maybe he is also missing something and he will soon start thinking about how to love his wife again?

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