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How to make a mask for the New Year


New Year’s mask is an essential attribute of the carnival. One accessory and your friends turn into mysterious princes and princesses. Often the store assortment is not so large, and it is difficult to find a beautiful and unique thing. It is easier, more interesting and cheaper to make a New Year’s mask on your own.

First, draw the outline of the mask on plain paper or download a stencil on the Internet and print it out. After all, masks can be anything: slightly covering the nose, with corners going up, elegant feminine or strict masculine. Draw whatever your fantasy tells you.

After cutting out the template from paper, try it on to make sure that the mask fits you and the eye holes are in the right place. If everything is in order, attach the template to the interlining, circle and cut it along the contour.

Iron the piece of fabric from which you will make the mask. Any silk, velvet, even cotton will do, but make sure your mask looks smart. If you plan to sew from chintz in a flower, this will be difficult to achieve. Now, attach the interlining with the adhesive side to the wrong side of your piece and steam it with an iron through gauze. Cut the fabric to the shape of the mask.

Make holes around the edges and insert a hat elastic into the New Year’s mask so that the mask does not squeeze your head, because you have to spend the whole evening in it, and at the same time it does not slip off. Now you can proceed to the most interesting part – decorating the mask.

Any thing is suitable for decoration: beads, beads, rhinestones, sequins, feathers, sequins, pieces of other fabric. You can decorate the slits around the eyes along the contour with rhinestones or sequins, embroider the mask with beads. Draw patterns with any quick-drying glue, and then sprinkle them with sparkles – it will turn out very beautiful. Patterns can also be cut from fabric in a contrasting color and then sewn on.

Paste the New Year’s mask with feathers – it looks bright and exotic. And the resulting flaws can be hidden under rhinestones.

You can also sew a veil onto the mask. To do this, select a contrasting fabric and sew to the edge of the mask from the wrong side. It can also be decorated with rhinestones or embroidered with beads.

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