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Women are very emotional creatures. But already half an hour after the quarrel, they cool down and are ready to go to a truce. But men do not always forgive with the same ease. How to improve relations after the conflict and return peace to the family?

First you need to understand that quarrels are normal. The constant light calm in a relationship makes them boring and turns into a swamp. But small conflicts add spice. After a quarrel, people appreciate each other more and come to a new, improved style of communication. They seem to wake up after hibernation. Having suffered, they find reconciliation, and at the same time a feeling of happiness. At the same time, it is important to quarrel correctly. After all, in a state of emotional loftiness, you can say a lot of insults to your partner, which will forever remain a burden on your heart.

Ways of reconciliation 

First, listen to your heart. Do you suffer because of a quarrel, suffer and dream of quickly smoothing out your guilt? Then everything is fine. There are still feelings and love in your relationship. Much worse if the quarrel caused you indifference.

  • SMS. Someone will say that putting up with SMS is stupid. But for someone, only this way is the only way to step over their pride and take the first step. A small envelope on your phone is much more intimate than a message on a social network. For reconciliation, it will be enough to write a banal "I’m sorry", "I miss you."
  • Bouquet of flowers. Classics of the genre for men. But with a slight quarrel, beautiful flowers will always become a welcome gift for a woman.
  • Inscriptions on the asphalt. They should be used as an exception. Therefore, only in case of serious quarrels. The inscription should be a pleasant surprise for the opposite sex. But also not to give out all the secrets of the family to the neighbors.
  • Culinary masterpiece. A woman can cook not just dinner, but a man’s favorite dish. Men not only love with the stomach, but also forgive. A bottle of wine will come in very handy.
  • Sex. Long tried by millions of women a way to ask for forgiveness. After sex, men forget about quarrels, because he has no thoughts left in his head.

If your conflict was strong enough, you will have to show imagination and surprise your soul mate. For example, invite her for a boat ride, a walk through the city at night, or a short trip. You can fulfill a small dream of a partner. For example, has your boyfriend always dreamed of a ball autographed by a football player? Then rather buy a ball and look for a football player! The main thing is not to confuse the players.

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