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Not so long ago, there was an opinion that almost all men are still “males" who think about sex every few minutes. But the female half now and then strives to evade bed "duties", complaining of fatigue and headache. Everything is turned upside down now. Increasingly, one can hear a sacramental phrase from unfortunate women: he does not want me … According to the statistics of one of the Western polls, as many as 62% refuse sex more often than their partners. men, while 42 percent. make love no more than twice a month. What are the reasons for such depressing statistics?

Why doesn’t the man want me?

Most of the time it’s a matter of nerves. Problems, family and work difficulties can prevent a man from relaxing, which is why his desire decreases.

A man can be sick, and it can be anything: not only STDs, but also anemia, high blood pressure, heart failure, a viral infection …

Your MCH is depressed. Perhaps he had experienced a strong shock, such as a career fall, the death of a loved one, or a series of failures. He is in apathy, losing interest in life, and sex, of course, too.

Perhaps your lover is taking any medications. Check if the substances in their composition affect his libido. In fact, the list of drugs with similar side effects is very extensive. For example, these are quite commonly prescribed Zoloft, Prozac and Paxil. After consulting with your doctor, you can probably replace the libido-damaging drug with some analogue.

The reason for a man’s reluctance to have sex may be his naturally low level of sexual desire. Only a sexologist can solve such a problem.

A man may avoid having sex because harmony has gone out of your relationship – you have committed a serious offense for which he cannot forgive you yet, you are arguing because of financial or other problems, etc. In this case, quarrels are not contribute to inciting passion, but rather kill it.

Boredom has crept into your intimacy. Usually the monotony of sex is not the only reason to minimize it, but if it is accompanied by a reduced libido, then making love becomes less interesting for your lover than watching a hockey game on TV.

Take a look at yourself. Perhaps he just lost sexual interest in you – you put on weight, walk around the house in a greasy dressing gown, don’t make up and don’t do your hair … Remember that men love with their eyes.

Some men with pronounced laziness are just as lazy to have sex! The less often they do it, the more they get used to it, being content with relaxation – masturbation once a week. 
Decreased desire to have sex may be related to the age of the partner. After forty, men can no longer pull the old rhythm and “load”. It is stupid to force and persuade here, it is better to adapt to the capabilities of a loved one.

The lack of sexual interest can be explained by its manifestation on the side: perhaps he is cheating on you or just fell in love with another. What to do in such a situation – to expose the scoundrel and expel or wait for it to go crazy – is your own business.

He loves to masturbate. In some cases, self-gratification is considered a good way to release, but when it replaces natural relationships, it can turn into autoeroticism – this is what “self-attraction” is called. Here he will definitely not be up to you.

He doesn’t want me! What to do?

If it seems to you that a man does not want you, do not rush to give up. Almost every problem can be solved to one degree or another. You can learn to get a whole firework of emotions from infrequent sexual contacts, even if your sexual constitutions do not match. Try to make the nights spent together unforgettable, become more emotional and liberated – it is likely that the man will appreciate your "transformation" and subsequently he will begin to want you much more often. In addition, psychologists advise women to try to speak frankly with their man – who does not want to, in order to find out the reason for his avoidance of intimate contacts. It may turn out that the whole thing is in a trifling insult caused by you inadvertently. You have long forgotten about this, but the faithful one is suffering, and you are with him. Only by joint efforts can you cope with intimate discord in a couple,

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