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Any woman from early childhood dreams of a beautiful wedding, a loving husband and a happy family. But in order to receive something, you need to learn how to give. A happy marriage will be one where there is harmony and mutual understanding between the spouses.

In fact, a good wife is not the one whose husband is always fed, stroked, but the one who is a support for her soulmate. Of course, the first aspect is also important. It is unlikely that a lazy woman whose husband’s children are hungry and untidy will be called a good wife.

There are many articles and recommendations from psychologists that talk about how to become a wife that a husband will be proud of. This is a much better way than listening to the advice of girlfriends who themselves often suffer in marriage. In general, in family matters, it is better to trust only your feelings, and not "to take dirty linen out of the hut." A wise and proper wife should never complain about her husband.

First, because it was HER choice. Secondly, because it is already possible that by the evening you will make peace, but in the eyes of friends, parents, he will remain a scoundrel. Of course, quarrels and conflicts happen in every family, but they need to be resolved at home, and when you go out to people, you should give the impression of a sweet and loving couple.

Remember: a good wife will never nag her husband. It is unlikely that with constant nit-picking and reproaches you will be able to change it. Most likely, he will just freak out one day, collect his things, and go to where he will be cherished and cherished. If you can’t close your eyes to some of its shortcomings, try to simply abstract yourself from what is happening.

In addition, the right wife regularly praises her husband. Let it be little things that, it would seem, are not worth paying attention to. Believe me, this is quite a cunning and smart move. Favorite threw out the trash without a reminder? Fine. Tell him how attentive and clean you are. I bought food for home, hug and thank you for your care. Remember that in our world, by and large, no one owes anything to anyone. Therefore, when another person tries for you, you must definitely appreciate it and praise it.

Not sure how to become a wife who always gets what she wants? Stop making indirect allusions. Most often, men do not understand them. And when a loved one walks with dissatisfied lips for the third day, he just starts to panic.

He probably didn’t even understand what offended you. Dreamed of getting earrings as a gift, but got a slow cooker? Well, it’s your own fault. And Irka from the next entrance told her husband directly that she needed a new phone, plus she also brought her lover and pointed her finger at the desired model. And oh eureka! She received this device. Yes. And you are a multicooker. And that’s all, because she didn’t pretend to be a woman of mystery, and directly spoke about her desires.

Even after many years of married life, remember that your husband is a person and don’t make him your property. Each of the spouses should have personal space, interests, meetings with friends. Instead of forbidding him to see his friends, it’s better to let him go with a smile, and during his absence take care of yourself, take a relaxing bath, apply a mask on your face, etc. Remember that it is the forbidden fruit that is sweet. And the husband, who will constantly be banned from everything, will certainly be drawn to adventures.

In order for the union to be strong, and for the couple to be interested in spending time with each other, even after many years, try to get out somewhere more often, have joint hobbies and hobbies. Common themes will certainly make you even closer to each other. A good wife is not only an excellent hostess and lover, she is also the best friend for her husband.

Remember the golden rule: "the husband is the head, and the wife is the neck." Don’t try to subdue him. Better do everything to make your union long and happy.

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