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How many articles have been written on the topic of what women want, how to please them and achieve their love. But what about men? They also want something from the relationship. And, although it is believed that men are fixated exclusively on sex, they also want to love and be loved.

As the classic said, “All I want is to be loved. And if I love, then I love for real. Unfortunately, he said this when he was desperate for not finding love in his marriage. There are simple things that women can do for their husband. They will help you find his devotion. And not always these things are connected with sex.

Be prudent. Men can be kind to a woman, but in private. It is known that men are embarrassed by manifestations of tenderness in front of other men. So, if your partner doesn’t want to hold hands with you during a football game, don’t worry about it. When you get home, catch up on everything you missed.

Cuddle with him from time to time, snuggle up to him. You can do this while face to face or face to back. Hug as much as you can. Show care like a mother. Men love their mothers. Therefore, if you do for him what his mother did, he can become yours for life. Especially if he lived alone for a long time. He was used to throwing things everywhere, and on the weekends to collect them and carry them to the laundry. If his beloved wife takes care of the laundry (despite the fact that he will also have duties), this will warm his soul.

Let him be himself. Women sometimes want to be alone, and so do men. They may want to hang out with friends or watch nature alone, think about a career, home, life, etc. You can learn to recognize moments when your partner wants to retire. Let him be alone sometimes, and soon he will understand when you want to be alone.

You won’t change it. Forget about such intentions. A person can only be changed by himself or by God. However, even God does not violate the freedom of choice of man. Therefore, it is quite obvious that only the person himself can change himself. Pray to God to point out his mistakes to him. And let the person change himself.

Ask him to help you. Men love to be needed. Ask him to do for you the things he likes to do. For example, if he likes to work in the garden, agree to accept his help in buying a mower, become interested in this yourself, then take part in the work in the garden. He will appreciate the fact that you were not afraid to get dirty, and will love you even more.
Be sensitive. Men like it when a woman feels good with them, when she shows how important it is for her to be with a man. Again, it’s all intimate, so don’t make him blush on the street or in front of friends.

Sport. Most men enjoy watching sports games on TV. Let him enjoy this activity. You don’t have to be thrilled with the game, but it’s good if you know something about it. However, a tactful person won’t watch sports games all day long, so if he can’t miss a single game in any sport, you have the right to be outraged.

Finally, be natural in the bedroom. Don’t demand too much from him. Dissolve into the moment. Sometimes you should take the first step yourself, be active in making love. Sometimes a guy is pleased when a woman takes matters into her own hands.

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