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Talented in everything: actors who became musicians


We will tell you how our idols from the big screen show themselves

Many artists who have achieved success in the film business seek to expand their “horizons" and prove themselves in related fields, for example, in music. The most famous defectors to music are Keanu Reeves, Kevin Bacon, Kevin Costner and Johnny Depp. However, their colleagues are already stepping on their heels. We’ve rounded up four of the most unexpected film actors who couldn’t resist and entered the music scene.

Gwyneth Paltrow

We are used to seeing the blonde Gwyneth in comedic roles, as well as in superhero films, but we could not even imagine that the girl would go over to the camp of musicians. Although there is nothing to be surprised here: the actress is the wife of the frontman of the popular Coldplay band Chris Martin, so she clearly has someone to turn to. Gwyneth even recorded an album with her husband, and in 2011 she took part in the recording of track Fk You with soul singer C-Lo Green.

Jamie Fox

Perhaps there is no better contender for the role of Ray Charles than Jamie Foxx, which he did, namely, he perfectly played this role. A little later, the actor recorded his own R&B album, and then three more. Moreover, several singles reached the top of the top charts. Even the egocentric Kanye West could not resist and offered the actor cooperation.

Talented in everything: actors who became musicians

Russell Crowe

Little has been heard about Russell lately, but we all remember his epic role in Gladiator. Few people know that in the early 90s the actor had his own rock band called 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts, but over time, the band members changed their name to Russell Crowe & the Ordinary Fear of God.

Talented in everything: actors who became musicians

Scarlett Johansson

The chic Scarlett, surprisingly, also showed herself as a musician, releasing a cover album called Anywhere I Lay My Head. In it, the actress included tributes to Tom Waits, the legend of modern rock. The actress’s next album, Break Up, which she recorded together with Pete Yorn, was inspired by the work of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot, the creative couple, like Scarlett and Pete, recorded duets back in the 60s. Now Johansson is not going to stop and continues to record vocals for various projects.

Talented in everything: actors who became musicians

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