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Sometimes it seems to women that the ideal men are the husbands of their girlfriends. They will help to carry the bag, and praise in front of the guests, and bestow passionate kisses. And her own husband breaks records in the ability to scratch his intimate place, comment on losers-football players and burp. In fact, a good husband is the result of a woman’s upbringing. Family relationships are always in crisis. And only a wise wife can not turn into a hysteric, but correctly punish her husband for his guilt. It is important not only to take revenge. It is important to educate a man and make sure that he does not step on his own rake.

Proper family relationships

When entering into marriage, a woman should leave a capricious girl in the past. Men love it when their wives act like they are 12 years old. Jumping on the bed, teasing, asking naive questions, crying while watching a movie about cyborgs. But husbands hate it when their wives get offended for no reason, ask for one thousand times, scream and blow their brains out. All of the above attempts to educate or punish her husband will not work. 

The second important point is to understand what it is worth punishing a spouse for and what not. For example, your husband came home drunk. Immediately think about whether you need to scold him. After all, the psyche of men is several times weaker than that of women. But the responsibility on the shoulders of the strong half is several times greater. Alcohol makes it possible to relax and forget about problems. If your husband does not drink often, treat this with understanding. If he gets drunk every day, you need to urgently turn to specialists and change your attitude, giving more love to a man. Alcoholism is a sign of spiritual devastation. And you, as a wife, must help your loved one to heal. 

Man missing for a day? Fell asleep at a friend’s, and you were worried all night? Go to your friend’s, turn off your phone. Come back in the morning, explain with a smile that the phone is dead, and the charger is left at home. Do not swear and say "Now you understand how I felt." Let the husband draw his own conclusions. And you cook delicious pancakes. Let the husband understand that a good wife at home is the most valuable thing he has. 

Did your husband buy an expensive smartphone? Ask for money for food and buy yourself a ring (cosmetics, a skirt and whatever your heart desires). Blink your eyes and say that you couldn’t resist. The husband will have to give money for food again or buy food on his own. The main thing at the same time is to shine with happiness so that the husband does not dare to reproach you for waste. Well, how can you scold a happy wife? Especially if you have a smartphone. 


Did your husband say hurtful things to you? Put the track "Hands up" on his call. 

Another good punishment for a husband who is in no hurry to go home. Put on your new underwear, cook a delicious dinner and lie down to read a book. When your husband gets home, pretend to fall asleep. A man will see that he missed something grand. Delicious wife and dinner. Waking up, say that you are very sorry that the surprise did not work out for you. The next time you are late, your husband will definitely call you.

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