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A fairly common situation: a man and a woman in love got to know each other better and are ready to take their relationship to a new level by having sex. In this case, the fair sex begins to feverishly scroll through the head of a possible scenario for the upcoming night. Paradoxically, most women, instead of dreaming about the pleasures they will receive, begin to worry about the little things. For example, what kind of underwear to wear, do not forget to epilate your legs, how to lie down so that your lover does not notice cellulite, is not disappointed with breasts without a bra that increases the volume, etc.

First sex with a new partner

In principle, these fears are easy to understand – so much you want to please your new lover in order to build a long and happy relationship with him. To do this, first, try to relax and understand that the man is also worried about how your first night will go. With your stiffness and unnatural behavior, you will not give him the confidence and support that he is so looking for. Secondly, follow the recommendations below, and the first night with a new lover will definitely not be the last. 

Rules for the first sex with a new lover

1. Do not worry about the shortcomings of your appearance. Even if you have a tummy, your breasts are not big enough, you have freckles on your back, etc. at the moment of excitement, the man accepts all this as part of the body of his beloved. In other words, the partner’s brain signals the attractiveness for him of the entire female body as a whole. At this moment, he does not think about the size of his chest and abdomen, he sincerely adores them.

2. Do not try to surprise your lover. No matter how many men you have, don’t try to impress your new lover with your sexual skills. Start in the classic missionary position. Listen to your partner, trying to follow his rhythm, guess his desires.

3. Do not neglect the means of protection. Remember, no matter how dizzy with passion, sex without protection can lead to pregnancy and infection with STDs. Relying solely on a partner in this case is not worth it.

4. Don’t be silent. Of course, chatting about the weather and other nonsense during sex is not worth it. But if you don’t like something, or you don’t understand what a man wants, tell me honestly. You can talk about this after sex, but you don’t need to talk about previous lovers or, even worse, compare them with a new one, and also ask your partner about his mistresses.

5. In order not to be disappointed, do not expect fabulous sex from the first night with a new lover. Of course, it is possible that it will really turn out to be unusually bright and memorable, but most often women do not get an orgasm at the first contact, because men are focused on proving their masculinity. Only at 2, 3, 4, etc. sex, they begin to be attentive to the satisfaction of the partner. Don’t you dare pretend! Having simulated an orgasm at the first intimacy, you may not be surprised that a man at the 2nd swarm will behave the same way, because he “understood" how to make you feel good.

Remember that the night of love will replace the morning, and you can either meet him with your loved one or go home before it comes, if you still consider it untimely to show your lover not combed properly and not made up. However, if the first rendezvous took place on your territory, you can quickly “beautify” and cook breakfast for your lover. A joint morning is a big plus for the development of your relationship, which you should not refuse once again.

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