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Already as a folk saying sounds the phrase from the song: "The most important thing is the weather in the house." A significant role in the "weather in the house" is played by the interior surrounding us. In order to want to be at home as much as possible, it is necessary to create comfort in it – you must admit, you can’t argue with that. In the struggle for the preservation and renewal of family relations, all means are good, as they say.

From time immemorial, a woman has been worried about the question: how to make a man want to go home and want to spend as much time as possible at home. One of the solutions to this problem here is the following: create a beautiful interior in the house and change it periodically. A man will always, like a conqueror and a male, reach for vivid emotions. So why don’t we give them to him at home so he doesn’t look away?


It can be simply changed using three or four sets of dishes. Change the dishes about once a month and you will see how the atmosphere in your kitchen changes. Sets must be necessarily different colors, clearly different from each other. And do not regret putting expensive dishes on the table that have been gathering dust in cupboards for years. Let your man feel like a restaurant when he sits down to dinner – then he will stop going to restaurants.


Buy contrasting sets of underwear so that every week is different from one another. It’s very erotic, try sleeping in a white bed today and a black one tomorrow. It doesn’t hurt to experiment with the fabric either – bedding does not always have to be cotton. As a call to sexuality, satin lingerie, for example, can be. It can not be laid every day, thereby emphasizing the importance of a certain night.


The simplest solution to sometimes change the bedroom can be to replace the fixtures. An excellent option here is a starry sky spotlight, or an ocean spotlight that makes the room mysterious and cozy. Also, once a month or two, you can replace the curtains on the window – it is also desirable that the sets of curtains differ in contrast from each other.


Diversify all the scents at home – soaps, shampoos, detergents, air fresheners, scented candles – anything that smells. Let your home be updated with a new smell – this is a simple but very effective solution to the problem of renewing family relationships and keeping them warm.

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