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Is your marriage out of whack? Do you feel unloved, lonely and do not notice your husband (wife)? Do you wonder why you got married at all? Are you thinking about divorce? Try to fix things before you give up. You are most likely tired of trying to spice up your marriage, aren’t you? Here are some ideas that you can try to implement.

Remember that you not only love your soul mate, but you are also passionate about it. Remember the time when you could talk on the phone for several hours, or talk while sitting in the car? You have a lot in common. Talk about more than the usual, superficial "how are you?" questions, with typical "everything is fine" replies. Let your husband (wife) know that you are really interested in his (her) thoughts and feelings.

Do things together that you love so much, like watching your favorite comedies, going out in the evening, cleaning together.Go to the park together or have dinner together. The bottom line is that you can love someone, but marriage will only be a burden if you don’t remember why you like that person so much. Falling in love is easy; sympathy transcends the boundaries of feelings and affects the mind, personality and emotions. If you don’t like someone, you will never be close to that person. You will not be able to engage in serious conversations and stimulate each other for the next years. There will be nothing interesting that you would like to do together. Therefore, remember why you liked your chosen one (chosen one) on first dates. And if you see that something has changed; if you realize that you no longer like your husband (wife), give yourself a little time to understand the life, heart, character and opinion of your soul mate. You will likely make a long list of what you really like about your favorite (favorite). And it will most likely help you tie up the broken thread in your relationship.

Realize that what you want from your husband may be different from what he wants from you.For example, it’s common knowledge that men crave respect from their wives more than anything, while women want to know if men love them. If at least one of the spouses begins to doubt, even for a moment, this can serve as a reason for breaking up the marriage. Your man needs to know that you respect him. If he experiences this respect, he automatically feels loved. A sense of respect is the gate, it is through the prism of which a person perceives love. Wives, for their part, must be sure of their husband’s love. If they doubt, they will be agitated, preoccupied, suspicious, and ultimately devastated. Women tend to idealize everything – if a woman does not feel loved, she will consider herself the source of the problem. When a woman feels loved, she feels respected. For her, this is the most important thing.

So now you understand that men and women want different things from each other.Take action! Find out how your husband most wants to know and feel respected, and do it! For example, if you just say "Darling, I really respect you!", while your husband still does not feel it, what did you do wrong? Perhaps you just missed something that is important to him. Perhaps what he really needs is to let him make his own decision in front of you or your friends. Or let him take care of something, and don’t "nag" him later about it. Perhaps he wants from you not only words, but also some actions. Your wife asks you all the time "Do you love me?" Or do you always see this question in her eyes? Why can’t she stop worrying about whether you love her or not? Of course you love him, you married her and you provide for her! Maybe, your wife needs you to show or tell her that you love her. Instead of words, do what she likes best, kiss, hug, touch her face. Or maybe she feels your love when you do something around the house, without her asking for it. Explore the different ways your wife wants to feel and see and hear your love. You won’t be disappointed!

Woo your husband.This means not waiting for him to take the first step to apologize after an argument. It means going the extra mile to do something nice for him, like filling up a tank of gas, without any thought of recognition or gratitude. Remember your dates when you did such wonderful things for each other? Did you make knick-knacks, buy things for him, go to interesting places just to be alone? And what happened? What made you think he doesn’t like it anymore? Why do you think he doesn’t want to go to those funny places anymore? Do something nice for each other, don’t wait for either of you to make the first move, even if you feel like you’re the only one trying to change something. Sooner or later, your husband (wife) will understand the difference and begin to appreciate all the sacrifices that you made for him (her). Chin up,

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