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People of different ages believe that those over 50 no longer enjoy having sex and open their mouths in surprise when they find out that this is not true. Over the years, lovemaking can only be influenced by the fact that the more love for a person, the more you want to learn something new.

Today’s youth (and those who are older) have changed their minds about older people and their attitude towards regular sex, however, the first ones who realized this were extremely surprised, and they blushed just thinking about it.

Sex after 50 years

Nowadays, sex after 50 is considered the norm (although, apparently, not in all countries). Women and men are still sexually active and still continue to enjoy the process, and the version that only young people can understand the joy of intimacy is no longer relevant. 

The aging process, unfortunately, is irreversible, and age, over time, takes its toll, but there are still prejudices that claim that sex in old age is no longer very important. “Retirement age" is far from the limit for an active life position, but banal laziness can interfere with sex at this age – the spouses have lived together for quite a long time, everything suits them, etc. But in order to make sure that sex after 50 years is not only important, but also actively practiced, it is enough to give some facts:

– In women with the onset of menopause, there is a decrease in the ability to have children, but this, in our opinion, is only beneficial for sexual relations;

– With age, neither men nor women decrease the need for love, nor the interest in making love;

– The vast majority of men face age-related changes only by the age of 60-70. By this time, men’s ability to have an erection decreases and women need to devote more time and more attention to men, and also not disdain various sexual stimulations so that their man’s penis is in an erect state;

– Among other things, by the age of seventy, men lose the ability to premature ejaculation (although not all), which caused some men a lot of inconvenience in their younger years. And now this disadvantage becomes just a fantastic advantage, since they now need more time, the onset of ejaculation;

– Various studies claim an increase in the frequency of having sex by the age of 75, in the absence of various ailments. Approximately 33% of couples of this age actively continue to have sex. Moreover, they include those who, even in their youth, did not do "it" so much;

– Given that sexual activity allows you to maintain the level of hormones in the body at the border of the "minimum norm", the number of couples who regularly make love increases by 75%. In the remaining 25% of couples, the lack of sex in life is explained only by senile diseases (for example, arthritis), and which do not include impotence and frigidity. All this only suggests that the reasons why people partially or completely stop having sex in old age are the same that make them, for example, stop riding a bicycle. And here it is not “the bicycle, as such” that plays the main role, but diseases.


Summing up all of the above, one could recommend that those over 50 have regular sex, due to the fact that the problem may be that after interrupting lovemaking at this age, it can be very difficult to resume it again later. Some women may experience vaginal dryness due to low estrogen levels. However, numerous studies suggest that regular sex can get rid of this problem in some cases even better than with the help of medical hormonal drugs. 

And yet, the life of “those over 50” is different in that they have seen enough and tried a lot, and therefore, they already know what they need, and in making love they proceed from this.

Conclusion: sex after 50 years is very necessary. Have sex and you’ll be fine.

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