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Whatever the motives to create an alliance with a married man, it is always necessary to tune in to a lot of obstacles and complications. The most difficult thing is when the seduced man is not set up for a long-term relationship, and the woman hopes that she will be able to take him away from the family. Of course, the ideal situation is when this decision is mutual, and the lovers are serious about maintaining their union.

A woman who goes to flirt with a family man should be clearly aware of his psychology, since many do not dare to leave the usual warm family circle. In addition, there are a number of options when, with the help of new hobbies, a man simply raises his self-esteem. Creating a love triangle brings him a lot of pleasure, and he feels like a real male. Despite the constant family scandals and other problems, he will never be ready to break the bonds that have been created, although he will claim the opposite.

On the part of a woman, this becomes a definite manifestation of female egoism. She wants to feel her own power and take her husband away from her rival. It is motivated by the desires of self-affirmation, self-esteem, to be the winner in the dispute. Sometimes this is a consequence of the created conflict between women. Taking a man from the family, the mistress is counting on the elimination of her rival.

How to keep a man

Women are capable of a wide variety of tricks in order to tie a man to themselves. Among the most popular are the following:

deception with an imaginary pregnancy, turning to witches or fortune-tellers, frank conversations with his wife. Every woman, resorting to such actions, should think about the goal. She needs to weigh the pros and cons and figure out the correctness of this decision – whether she needs a man obtained at such a price. His loyalty and devotion will have an imaginary character, and she will have to run after him and constantly monitor him so that he does not decide to break this union for the sake of another love. Even in the case of a real pregnancy, divorce and departure from an already established family do not always occur. Often, children who already have are put at stake, and your future baby may be left without a father.

What are the types of men

Before you start working on seducing a married man, you need to figure out what type he belongs to.

1 Prize that changes hands. This is a man who does not think for a long time before leaving another familiar place. To conquer such a person, it is worth resorting to provocation. For example, leave lipstick on your shirt, put your underwear in the glove compartment, call at night, blackmail. However, keep in mind that your union with him will be short-lived.

2 Patriotic defender. Such men have been married for a very long time and are not going to get involved in any adventures. He will quickly bypass your spread nets and cover his tracks. The only thing that can be done is to create a life for him with the maximum level of comfort.

For example, delicious food, children, booze, frank sexual pleasures. However, even if you manage to take him away from the family, you still have to share with him all the hardships of the former family life: children, loans.

3 A very happy husband. Yes, in the strongest family there are moments when a man is upset, and he wants to find solace on the side. Experienced women will not even waste time on such a person. Such a family man does not hide his status and will never be led to provocation and hints, which he will take for promiscuity and disgusting obsession.

Before entering into a relationship with a married man, you need to think carefully about everything and understand whether you really need it.

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