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Many women "wash" the bones of their lovers and husbands, forgetting about their mistakes in sex. And, nevertheless, men are also often not satisfied with the behavior of their loved ones in bed. I wonder what mistakes in sex annoy men? Research has shown the following list.

Women’s mistakes in sex

The woman leaves footprints. After a passionate night, not every man wants to walk with a scratched back or hickeys on his neck. Well, except for those who want to show off to their friends what a "macho" he is.

The woman jokes out of place. Everyone loves funny people. But when you have sex with jokes, you have to be careful. You should not be wisecracking about the figure or movements of the partner. Such a joke can alienate a man forever. By the way, not all people perceive humor – be careful.

The woman is indifferent. Most likely, this is not so, just a woman is embarrassed to show her feelings. A man, on the other hand, wants to see a hot and ardent partner, whom he turns on and brings. In no case should a woman pretend to be a “Snow Maiden" in sex. Since you went to bed, you probably want something … Show emotions, dear women, do not be shy. Men really want this.

The woman talks a lot. It would be better to say that the woman asks a lot. Questions like “Are you okay?”, “Do you love me?” etc. sometimes they just knock down the sexual mood. There are men who like to talk during sex. Clarify somehow carefully – this is a very rare quality of a man.

The woman compares. There are no comments here: what normal man would like to be compared with another? Forget for the time of sex about all Vasya and Sing that you had. The one next to you right now is the best. Praise him more often, men love it. By the way, praise can bind any man to you.

The woman is untidy. A man can walk away just by looking at your feet. In general, any woman should be well-groomed. This is felt at the subconscious level even, not to mention the fact that the smell of sweat will discourage any desire to have sex. Although, they say that Napoleon loved the smell of his beloved’s sweat. So if you’re having sex with Napoleon, then there’s no question…

The woman is overacting. The desire of a woman to show how good she is is understandable. Only here the falsehood is usually seen. More or less experienced man can easily distinguish a real orgasm from a fake. You should not "die" from the first kiss – it’s funny and not beautiful.

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