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After reading the title, I immediately somehow wanted to say that this would not be a new relationship, but an old one. Everything will be the same, what new relationship with the past can there be? Even if we meet again, we will be the same as then – it is impossible to change a person. Then why start something, knowing in advance that it will end. Moreover, knowing HOW it will end. This is the first reaction. And now you can philosophize and think.

You can find a lot of examples of couples who broke up (and even more than once) and converged again and lived happily ever after. Each of us has such examples before our eyes. It follows from this that a new relationship with the former is possible, and how! It’s hard to argue with facts. Another thing, how did they do it? What sacrifices did they make or were there no victims, maybe everything worked out by itself? More questions than answers…

It seems to me that a new relationship with the former is possible only when at least one of the partners cannot live without the other. This is equivalent to the saying: "If you love, you will forgive everything." After parting, people find other partners and be sure to compare them with the former. If the present loses to the past, they can, and even must, return to each other again. In this situation, the main thing is to analyze your mistakes and try not to repeat them. Returning to the former relationship in their right mind and bright memory would be utter stupidity to start the “old song".

It is important to understand the cause of the gap correctly. How often people break up because of some stupidity or simply, for example, because the years have brought dullness into their relationship. Then they should just relax and start a new era in their old relationship. Forgiveness is the main word when you want to be with your ex. To forgive and not to reproach, not to remember – everything should be, as it seems, you just met. The word "forgive" should not be just a word. It must come from the heart and be true. Then everything will definitely work out.

Don’t be afraid to come back. Remarriage has more pros than cons. There will be no "lapping", no need to study the advantages and disadvantages of your new-old one. Well, here’s a joke: you are already used to his snoring, to his reading at the table too, and you even miss him behind his socks scattered all over the apartment. And then a new one will come, scatter their new socks … What else!

In general, nothing is impossible. Especially when it comes to human relationships. The main thing is the analysis. After all, we have already grown wiser, wiser, understood everything, weighed it and decided to return to the former. So why not? Let’s start over and be happy. May be…

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